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Now you can easily download YouTube Videos in Google Chrome using an extension known as YouVid. This Google Chrome extension lets you download .flv files from YouTube videos.

When watching a video on the www.youtube.com website, a new icon with a down-arrow will appear in the right corner of the address bar of your browser.
If you click that icon, you will find a link that will let you download the .flv file directly to your computer. Be aware that you will need to rename it so that the extension will be .flv. After you save the file to a local disk, you can either play it or encode it in another format.

[box type="red"]What is FLV?[/box]

The acronym “FLV” stands for “FLash Video” and is the format used over the Internet by Adobe Flash Player to deliver video. It is used by many websites, but this extension lets you download only the FLV videos from YouTube.

[box type="green"]Why only FLV?[/box]

This extension downloads only in FLV format. That is because Google Chrome does not presently have any API that can encode a streaming video in another format, and YouTube streams in FLV only.
Since this extension is self-contained (i.e., it does not call any external website or program), nothing more than this can be done.

[box type="blue"]DOWNLOAD LINK: YouVid[/box]

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