Check your furniture virtually before buying. NConnex, NConnex is the new newsmaker, a product that helps check your furniture before you buy one for your room or office. The program helps you to scan a furniture piece using an iPad and one can check how it fits into a room. A customer can use the program and can make sure that the chosen furniture syncs perfectly with the interiors and other furniture sets of the room where he or she intends to accommodate this new furniture piece. Using the technology of Kinect, the program performs 3D modeling and 3D visualization of the furniture sets that one intends to buy for his home or office. Kinect is generally used by the 3D artists to generate content and this technology has primarily been used here to help scan a furniture piece with the help of an iPad.

 Now, you can check your furniture virtually before buying!  “NConnex”

This program is supposed to be revolutionary for the interior decorators and furniture manufacturers and retailers. The program allows to include a lot of 3D models of the furniture pieces which can be dragged into the frame to visualize how it fits into the room. For interior designers, the program will be helpful to easily and quickly implement designs with the help of 3D models, whereas furniture retailers can easily create 3D models of their furniture pieces and can give their clients an opportunity to check them before one can buy them.


The best part of the program that it will be available for free on the nconnex website and one can download for free and try furniture pieces with 3D visualization models. The software also allows creation of 3D models in a simple and hassle-free manner. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to create a 3D model and furniture manufacturers will find this tool very appealing for this reason. Interestingly, it creates models of furniture pieces only and the living objects such as a pet or a human being disappears from the frame gradually, as soon as the furniture piece is focused for a better resolution. This path-breaking technology is going to make it a popular tool for designing and visualization process of the interiors.


However, the program has the limitation of not working suitably in an exterior space or a large space. For interior designing of spaces, like trains and airplanes, NConnex may fail to bring the desired results. Another great challenge is to maintain the high-resolution of the 3D images, as the kinects camera is notorious for giving low resolution images as low as 320×200 pixels. The development team of NConnex, however, assures to resolve the issue to win over the trust of the furniture manufacturers and encourage them to include their products and to be represented via this program. The point clouds are huge and they need to be reduced to give better images. The developers of NConnex are also upbeat of adding more products to their product lists to be visualized through the 3D models, in the near future.