www.Facebook.com – Facebook Login and Facebook Sign Up General Safety Tips

www.Facebook.com Sign Up, Facebook Login or Facebook Sign In is a very simple process. Today everyone knows about Facebook. Facebook.com is the most powerful social networking plateform. But Facebook may have its own pros and cons, generally related to security issues while logging. So it is a must for a facebook user to protect their social networking account and privacy.

Getting Started With Facebook

  • Today most of the browser allow you to save your login details for faster access to your account next time, so if you are on a public PC then NEVER allow the browser to save your password.
  • Double check that you are logging to www.Facebook.com, because there are many facebook look alike sites that may steal your password.
  • Don’t use simple passwords like 12345, use a combination of small letters, capital letters, digits, special symbols, etc.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Do not share your Facebook login details with your friends or even family members.
  • Provide your valid mobile number in Facebook password recovery, so that your facebook login password can only be recovered via mobile verification.

If you are using facebook from a public computer or from a cyber cafe, then never click on ‘Remember Me’, this will store your password on that computer and anyone can access your Facebook account and may misuse your private information.


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Although Facebook has implemented many security measures from their end but still the user himself is totally responsible for his or her account misusage or compromise. So we would like to protect our users privacy from being violated by providing few tips regarding Facebook Login. These are only few points that a user of any Social Networking site can take care of to be safe. Although there are many tips that can be used for Facebook Login, I have provided only basic steps that can help you to protect your social networking, especially facebook account. So be smart, be safe.