SPB Mobile Shell UI 5.0 For Android Review

Heres a quick video preview of the SPB Mobile UI 5 for Android phones. Check the Video of SPB Mobile Shell UI 5.0 For Android below. So what do we think about it?  It’s got potential. You can’t deny the fact that they’ve put a ton of effort into making the UI super smooth, but also very eye appealing.  Once you get into “wheel” mode you really get to see the beauty, like how each panel has it’s own custom animation. While it didn’t like any of my Blur’d phones, it ran just fine on my original DROID because of the stock Android and I’m sure it would just fly on phones with a much more powerful processor.  They also allow you to quickly create folders, extend out apps to show more options, and even hide certain things in the bottom tray.  It’s a unique experience that really can’t be described.


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