SPBShell Customization Pack For Nokia

[box type=”blue”]SPB ULTIMATE EDITION 1.0[/box]


Hi Friends,
Here is the First Pack from me. I call it The SPB ULTIMATE EDITION 1.0. You will find in it many new widgets.
Thanks to Monster92, Morenoro and others for using many files from their Mods. Special thanks to Gbrumi for his generosity and help.

I would later release a Lite version for phones with low RAM.

Report me if u find any bugs.

[box type=”green”]Features[/box]

1. 50 New Bottom Bars
2. 40 Digital Clocks
3. 40 Analog Clocks
4. More than 120 icons added in the Shortcut link
5. 8 New Weather Widgets
6. 1 New Media Player Widget (Also includes Gbrumi’s Widget and MIUI Buttons by Monster92)
7. 30 Status Widgets (Half of them are New)
8. New 5 and 7 Pages Slider Bar
9. All SPB Menu and Add Widget Panel Icons changed


[box type=”red”]Instructions[/box]

1. Exit the program
2. Extract all files to one folder and copy them to Spbshell folder  to E: \ others \
3. File SpbShell_20028b16.reg copy in C: \ system \ apps (Replace the old reg file)
4. Delete the file E: \ Private \ 20028b16 \ SpbShellBackup.reg
(Use Xplore or Nokia File Browser for the Purpose. It can also be done with PC in Mass Storage Mode)
5. Run spb mobile shell.

[box type=”blue”]Screenshots on Nokia 5800[/box]