Mobile GPRS Speed Comparison

Hello guys, here is my first article for this month “Mobile GPRS Speed Comparison”

As everyone knows that mobile has become one of the most important part of our life now. Everyone wants to stay connected with each other, either via phone calls, or via sms and now via mobile facebook and orkut. Yes! as the mobile operators has reduced their gprs prices, everyone wants to be stay online from their mobile. But as more and more users has availed the gprs services in their mobile, the quality of mobile gprs has been reduced.

So here I want to share my experiences with different mobile operators.

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Airtel is know for its best network coverage. But for mobile gprs, they are not in race with aircel or bsnl. Although their mobile gprs connection is stable but the maximum downloading speed i experienced in Airtel was around 10kB/s. Average mobile gprs speed is around 4kB/s. Airtel call rates are higher than other operators & for these reasons i did not go for Airtel for long. Although i can say that they have awesome customer services & support, but mobile gprs services is the only field where Airtel lack behind with others.

AIRCEL (My Personal Best Mobile GPRS Service Provider)

[box type=”red”]Currently i am with aircel because they have some awesome mobile gprs plans & rate cutters. I am using aircel from last one year approx. Earlier Aircel mobile gprs speed was slow at my place (South Delhi), but as the time passes they improved their coverage & mobile gprs services a lot. I have some nice experiences with Aircel. Last time I recharged with 498 Rs. & i got unlimited free calls & sms to local Aircel numbers & 6gb of mobile gprs usage & all this for 3 months, along with some talktime. Aircel mobile gprs service gives a downloading speed of around 5kB/s to 25kB/s depending on the coverage area. I get an average speed of around 10kB/s at day time & around 20kB/s early morning from 5am to 9am. Aircel has got the most stable network coverage with some lovely mobile gprs plans. Although now all the unlimited mobile gprs plans has got limited to fair usage. Aircel network are not widely available, especially in Uttarakhand.[/box]

Mobile gprs


Idea has one of the best mobile gprs speed i ever experienced with the downloading speed as much as 35kB/s. I was with Idea for 2 years when they don’t have any cheap unlimited mobile gprs plans, & we have to pay Rs. 20/day for unlimited mobile gprs usage. Their customer support sucks & i think they only desires to earn money & they don’t value their customer like Airtel. I finally left Idea because of their poor customer services & frequent balance deductions & making silly excuses. Right now idea has 98Rs. mobile gprs plan that gives 2gb of free mobile gprs usage for 30 days. Idea has good mobile gprs services in both the states, Delhi & Uttarakhand.

BSNL (My Personal Best Mobile 3G Service Provider)

[box type=”red”]Bsnl is one of my favourite mobile operator in Uttarakhand because of their mobile gprs speed & mobile gprs plans & also their 3g hack. Yes, 3g hack! you can use your 2g sim as 3g to surf net that at 2g gprs rates. Means 30 days limitless net at 3g speed only for 270Rs. The mobile gprs downloading speed in bsnl 3g is around 100kB/s to 200kB/s. Isn’t its wonderful? At this speed i can download 700mb file in less than 3 hours in my mobile phone (Nokia 5800) by symtorrent. I always use bsnl whenever I am in Uttarakhand. I love their mobile gprs speed.[/box]


When i used Vodafone in Delhi, it was known as Hutch at that time. They have some awesome rate cutters & sms value packs, but they don’t emphasized on mobile gprs. Later on when Vodafone took over by Hutch, they came up with some never seen offers like word calling cards & all, but even then they did not promote their mobile gprs services. They had expensive mobile gprs plans. Some months ago when I was in Uttarakhand I used Vodafone for a month. Their mobile gprs plans are quite confusing to novice users & they may finish up with losing lots of money as their customer support is also not that good. They themselves are not aware of their mobile gprs plans & offers. They don’t have good downloading speed. The maximum mobile gprs speed I could accomplish was around 6kB/s at morning time else it drops down to 1kB/s at day time. I will recommend Vodafone users to look around some Vodafone mobile gprs users before subscribing to them.


When I used BSNL in Uttarakhand I was much enthusiastic to try Mtnl 3g service in Delhi, so I bought one MTNL Trump Sim & began browsing the 3g designs on their net site. Their mobile gprs plans are really expensive & are out of the reach of a standard student like me. Also i was unable to finding any hack for MTNL. But still i thought to give it a try. At first I attempted MTNL 3G TV services. I got one week free TV viewing on mtnl 3g TV. Although the TV is uninterrupted & smooth but the video quality is poor. The programs are not in real time basis & are recorded & repeated all over again. In short, I was very much disappointed after few minutes. Then I attempted browsing & downloading. Browsing with 3g is always smooth & rapid. But then i tested its downloading speed. I downloaded one small mp3 song & got a fluctuating speed of 0kB/s – 40kB/s. This is quite low speed as compared to Bsnl 3g. Then I tried Mtnl 3g at different places of Delhi, but still the same, the maximum speed i could accomplish was 62kB/s. I won’t recommend users to go for 3g at this stage, where the rates are high & mobile gprs service is poor.

Its all about my experience with different mobile operators and their mobile gprs services, might be they may vary for you. So lets share your experinces now…

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