Protect Your Online Accounts from Hacking

With the many records of security breach we hear every now and then, you’ll agree with me that security is the number one priority of everyone online. While there is no way to stay totally untouchable or un-hacked online, there are several ways to make hacking your accounts difficult for cyber criminals. Making your accounts difficult to hack will simply not put off hackers from trying to hack your email address or bank account, as they will always try to do so, but it will keep the hackers engaged till you’d probably discover what’s going on with your account.

The more effort you put into ensuring that your account is not compromised, the more you see the benefit in online security. Let’s discuss some tips on how to protect your online accounts from hacking.

[box type=”yellow”]First go for Security Software[/box]

The initial thing to do if you are interested in seeing that you are protected online is to install one of the many security programs available on the internet on your computer. You don’t want to browse the internet without having an antivirus on your computer, you know the threat this may pose.

Of course, you are free to chose from any internet security software you want to use, but I’ll always recommend Norton or avast. Avg is also very good. You should also go for internet monitoring programs for your online accounts. These programs will help you keep track of how your computer and your accounts are being used. Among the best of these programs are Webwatcher, Verisign and Norton.

[box type=”red”]Use Passwords that are Difficult to Hack[/box]

One of the easiest ways hackers gain access to their victims’ accounts is by breaking the password used for the given account. Most people that fall victim of internet hacks are majority of people that use weak passwords.


How do you know if your password is strong enough to prevent your account from being hacked?

There are many ways to detecting that and one of the most trusted methods is by using the service of This website tells you how long it would take a typical desktop computer to break your password.

In a research conducted by the Lifehacker team, it was discovered that passwords that have unusual symbols like “#Abithiw2itb!” would take a desktop computer 7 billion years before it breaks it. Is your password this strong? I guess no.

[box type=”green”]How to Form Strong Passwords[/box]

You might have wondered how they could have arrived at such password as “#Abithiw2itb!?” Doesn’t it sound difficult to memorize? Well, that’s because it’s only meant to be memorized by whoever formed it.

Okay, here the way to it so you can easily form your password using that formula. #Abithiw2itb! Was initially Abithiw2itb which is an acronym for “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

By using our initial Abithiw2itb, we only have a long password with only one figure which is “2”. Then, by adding “#” before it, we have a stronger password in the combination of a symbol, letters and a figure which are the elements of a strong password. So you can easily come up with a strong password by using the first letters of your favorite quote and adding a symbol and a figure.

What other ways do you know to protect your online accounts from hacking? Please, share them with us in the comment section.

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