Orkut Login Tips

Orkut is a Social Networking site which is operated by Google, along with Google Plus. Orkut is generally popular in Brazil and India, but has lost its popularity due to Facebook emergence. Orkut was launched on January 24, 2004 and support almost 48 languages till date.

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Orkut Login

  1. To login to Orkut always type the URL http://www.orkut.com instead of clicking any links to open it. This is the safest way to open Orkut. Double check that you are logging to www.orkut.com, because there may be many Orkut Login look alike sites that may steal your password.
  2. Never select the “remember me” option when you’re using a public or shared computer to access Orkut or any Google services. If you are logging to Orkut from a public computer or from a cyber cafe, then never click on ‘Remember Me’, this will store your password on that computer and anyone can access your Orkut Login Details and may misuse your private information.
  3. Today most of the browser allow you to save your Orkut Login details for faster access to your account next time, so if you are on a public PC then NEVER allow the browser to save your password.
  4. Don’t forget to click the sign out link at the top of the page when you’re done using orkut. If you just close your web browser without signing out of orkut, others may be able to access your account when reopening the browser.
  5. Do not share your Orkut login details with your friends or even family members.

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