How to get YouTube views

Have you recently setup a new video channel on YouTube and are struggling to get the views you think your videos deserve? If so, you might want to consider making some changes so that your videos get some much needed traffic. The number of views a video gets on YouTube is almost directly proportional to its ranking on YouTube’s onsite search feature. As a result, in order to get more views, it is imperative that you attempt to get a higher position on this search engine for relevant keywords.

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Of the various factors that make up your position on YouTube’s search engine, the keywords that you wish to target should be in the title of your video as one phrase. You should conduct sufficient keyword research to find a keyword which does not have too much competition but yet generates enough relevant traffic. Most people do not put much thought into choosing their video titles, but it is absolutely necessary that you do if you want to feature ahead of other videos in your niche.


Since YouTube allows users to write up to 5000 characters in their video description, it is imperative that they make full use of it. You will notice that music videos with the song lyrics in the description tend to rank higher than the same videos without those lengthy descriptions. This is no coincidence. If you want to pull more free traffic towards you, you should not only include your targeted keywords in your description, but also write a meaningful, relevant and helpful summary of your video.



The entire purpose of tags on YouTube is to make the search feature a more powerful tool. Tags allow YouTube to categorize your video more effectively, so that it can present it to your targeted traffic. You should come up with a list of relevant keywords that you think would lead interested people to your videos. Once you have a list of tag keywords, put them up and you’ll see results immediately, especially if you have made other recommended changes alongside it.

Backlinks to your video will not only help you rank higher on external search engines such as Google, but also on the YouTube search engine. YouTube will assume your video has quality content, and rank it higher if it sees that many people are recommending it in the form of inbound links. Likewise, a large number of video comments, video likes, video views, channel subscribers and channel views all play a significant factor in determining the level of ranking YouTube gives to your video, and hence the number of views your YouTube video receives.