Six Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Attracting Free Traffic

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In this blog post, I’ll show you the 6 reasons why your blog’s traffic sucks, and how to fix it.   Increase-Google-Traffic

Web traffic is vital if you must succeed online.

85% of people who started an online business would surely give up, because nobody is there to support them or read their content – no traffic or readers.

In this new age, your target audience is looking for quality information. They’re tired of the same regurgitated blog posts.

The world needs exceptional bloggers and writers who understand their feelings and have made up their minds to proffer lasting solutions.

Let’s quickly explore the six reasons why you’re not attracting free traffic to your blog/site. Are you prepared for this?

1.      You’ve no definite goal

Do you really have a definite goal for your blogging career? It’s that vital if you must succeed. You see, there are several things that would come your way, which can give you fear. Blogging can be complicated if you don’t know where you’re going.

When I was just starting out, I didn’t know what I was doing. Back in the day, I could write whatever topic I found worthy. It was pathetic, because my readership wasn’t growing.

Even people, who managed to subscribe to my list, started opting out one by one. It was that bad – because I had no definite goal. I didn’t know what I wanted. But now I do. What do you want?

2.      You’re distracted from “that” goal

I presume that you know what you want. The challenge is staying glued to that one thing. Most bloggers I know, especially the beginners are distracted.

When they see a new video, they’d want to watch it. By the time a pro blogger launches a digital product, these distracted bloggers would be the first to buy it.

They’ve hundreds of e-books and short reports on their PC. The time to read the entire material is scarce. If you want to build a high trafficked blog, it’s time to stay focus (see next line).

3.      You’re not focused

Yep, focus is the secret spice that makes blogging truly profitable. You want to get social media influence, reach your target audience, get hundreds of comments and make money.

But you can’t achieve those feats overnight (and maybe not in 2 months). Focus can get you there – if you don’t quit.

Forget about what you don’t have for now, and start writing quality and epic content. It’s going to make your blogging journey more fruitful. Stay focused today and you’d see greatness, sooner that you least expect.

4.      You don’t write quality content

It’s time to feed your audience with quality content. Oftentimes, bloggers are so engrossed with the posting schedule, which they don’t want to miss.

But trying to keep up with the Joneses can destroy your creativity. You can’t afford to write and update your blog every day – if you struggle, the quality of blog posts would diminish. I’ve tried it and failed woefully. Yes baby!

Instead, focus on quality content not quantity. Update your blog 1 – 3 times every week. Research your topic and make sure you have facts and figures to back up the post. You’d definitely attract traffic over time. It worked for me. It can work for you, too.

5.      You don’t have natural links

Another core reason why you don’t attract traffic from good sources is because the links pointing to your blog pages doesn’t look natural. In order words, those links can’t motivate anyone to click through and visit your blog. Why?

It’s because you got them through link exchanges (maybe). Or you were involved in illegal SEO tricks that generated a lot of links to your blog pages.

If so, you can’t expect to drive targeted traffic to your blog, because the sources where you got the links from are no true communities.

If you want quality links, ensure that they’re from engaged communities and authority blogs. Activities make the web dynamic – and consequently your links can garner real-time traffic to your blog.

6.      You don’t guest post that much

And last but not the least, is the fact that you’re not writing guest posts regularly.

Yes, I’m an ardent guest blogger and this marketing strategy has single-handedly increased my blog’s readership, SEO influence, and quality off-page links and has helped me make more money in my writing business.

Guest posting can send a lot of traffic to your blog, and it doesn’t have to be hectic at all. Just study the audience you’re writing to, craft a powerful headline that’s keyword-rich and spend the most part of your time writing the content.

Answer pressing questions and call to action. You’d easily drive traffic to your blog.

Web traffic hack

What else can I say about attracting free traffic? If you wait for readers to come to your blog, they might never come. I’m tired of waiting, you should too.

Why not take the leap today and reach out to your world through social media, guest posting and media exposure. It’s time to grow your blog, enhance your credibility and make more money online. Leave a comment blow – see you ahead!

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Best Copywriting Techniques To Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

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Copywriting is the only technique that’s SEO friendly, evergreen and easy to master.   best copywriting technique

Most people started out online as affiliate marketers, but if you can learn how to persuade people to take action, Google and other search engines would reward you.

When I started my blog, I took a course in copywriting, because my headlines and paragraphs sucked.

At the time, all I wanted was a published article – I didn’t care about readership or solving problems for my readers.

I was selfish and that hindered my success in search engine optimization.

I’ve used copywriting to increase my sales on reviews of sharp LC-42SV50U 

But all that’s changed now. And I want to show you the 4 simple ways to use copywriting as a marketing technique to drive targeted traffic. Are you ready?

It’s all about engagement

Nothing beats engagement online. Because people are distracted and overwhelmed with the influx of new technology, infomercials and social media advancements.

Particularly, your target audience is still recovering from the changes in social media, especially Facebook & Twitter.

And that’s the major reason why engagement is the new SEO rule.

If you can engage readers who visit your blog, Google would send you hundreds of targeted traffic, and people would be happy to stay and read your content.

It’s all about engagement, but a lot of people don’t know how to go about it. That’s where copywriting comes in. When you follow the copywriting route, you’d first and foremost, study your audience.

Copywriters are known to be intelligent because they understand who they’re writing to.

They write sales letters that convert, with the extracted data they got from indepth market research. So, how can copywriting techniques help you drive free organic traffic?

1.      Begin with a sticky headline

In copywriting, the headline is given a top priority. Internet entrepreneurs who have sold millions of copies of their digital products know that the headline is like the magic wand in Photoshop.

It’s what makes the whole difference. Now, as a blogger, you’ve to spend quality time writing your headline. Ideally, don’t trust your instinct all the time, when it comes to crafting clickable headlines.

Find out what other successful people have written. Read up blog posts from your favorite A-list bloggers.

See how they used words to persuade people. If you can get a reader to click on the headline, you could easily get them toread the entire blog post.

2.      Let the audience decide

The audience has to decide what they want to read. And because we’re talking about search engine traffic, the content that you write must align to a particular key term. Don’t just write blog posts that are outside of the keyword sphere.

I’m not asking you to use SEO tricks like keyword padding, keyword stroking and stuffing, but to write from your heart in a natural state. Write as if you’re talking to someone – because in the real sense, you’re.

Blog readers have already given you a direction, a topic, an insight into their hearts; don’t disappoint them with irrelevant ideas. Stay on course and you’d engage readers – which is what Google and other search engine desperately crave for.

3.      Trade your words for profit

Learning how to write well is a gift. Most people don’t know how to use words to make their future count. If you understand the concept behind every single word, you’d easily captivate the reader and cause them to subscribe to your list.

You see, it’s no longer the amount of traffic you generate on a daily basis, but how many of that traffic actually converts.

You need repeat visits. When someone decides to come back to your blog, through the same IP, Google recognizes this gesture and could tag your site as relevant and valuable.

The bottom line is to engage people with good and easy-to-read blog posts. Write a post that sticks to the mind – it’s not a time to follow any posting schedule. As much as you can, start building an email list to further enhance repeat visits.

4.      Tell them what you want

It’s your turn to command attention. Oftentimes, bloggers fail to instruct the reader on what they must do, next. Your headline attracted them to the content.

The introduction soaked them into the paragraphs and the subheads were like hammer to nail your idea home.

At this juncture, you must call to action. If you want people to read more, simply ask them to click a link for more insights.

If you’ve just launched your e-book or any other digital product, use a simple and clear call to action to get result. That’s what copywriting is all about – persuading people to take action, after you must have solved their problems halfway. You can persuade to increase conversation rate. That’s what I did with no no hair removal system and it worked so well.

It’s your turn

How can copywriting help bloggers stand out from the crowd? Do you know that your blog’s success depends 91% on quality content and 9% on marketing? I need your opinion on this – leave a comment below. See you at the top!


How To Drive Organic Website Traffic To Your New Blog Quickly

October 7, 2012 | Posted in Blogging, Search Engine Optimization | By

Is your blog new or old?   SEO-website-traffic

Most likely, you’re looking for ways to drive rich and targeted traffic to it – without wasting money on advertising.

In my 6 years of marketing online, I’ve discovered that organic traffic is the easiest to get.

This statement might sound weird, considering the fact that Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm.

The first was Panda, the second Penguin and the latest, which has swept through the nook and cranny of the web, the exact match domain update.

If you’re worried about your blog not ranking highly in search engine, or it could be that you were penalized for EMDs, this post is for you.

Little tweaks can go a long way to help your webpage regains its position in search engine. Google is waiting to send more targeted traffic than you can handle – so, don’t despair and whine over spilled milk.

Map out your ranking strategy

People miss out on the rich deposits of web traffic from search engines. Because they’ve no SEO strategy. What exactly do you intend to do with the traffic when it starts coming? Have you researched your keywords and key phrases?

It can seem difficult at first to write a clear goal, but if you can do it, half of the fight would be won. When people are looking for a particular item online, they use key terms to search on Google. Those terms aren’t by accident.

They’re truly from the user’s instinct. They mean a lot to the person who is searching for it. The strategy you’d map out could involve ways to approach the key terms and how to write the content.

This way, you won’t appear as a sales person, but as someone who is mindful of others and wants to help them. After mapping out the strategy, see next line for a powerful SEO weapon that never fails.

Suck organic traffic from search engines

web seo traffic

I’ve used this on several occasions and still do – content marketing is powerful enough to generate avalanche of targeted organic traffic to your site.

The basic concept involves studying your market to determine what they want and how desperate they want it.

Content marketing isn’t a hit-and-run approach. You need to be consistent and work your way to the top. The knowledge you’ve about a person would help you serve them better. Isn’t it?

Ironically, Google spider doesn’t make decisions based on what keywords you’ve used. It’s part of the decision process, though, but there is more.

When you answer people’s questions and help them achieve a definite goal, Google spider would automatically rate your webpage high – as valuable, rich, informative and evergreen.

Take this home

Now that you’ve identified the major problem that your target audience is facing, it’s time to craft compelling content to back it up. Use the key terms that you’ve researched – write blog posts from your heart and avoid keyword stuffing.

And when you publish the post, go ahead and share it on social media networks.

Find blog communities and bookmark the link. Give the post time to soak up spices from the web, and you’d definitely get free organic traffic. Your SEO success is sure, if you don’t give up.


Search Engine Optimization – 7 Strategies For Effective SEO

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Do you want to improve your rankings in Google?     Seo--Search-Engine-Optimization

The search engine optimization world isn’t as difficult as we’ve been taught.

In fact, simple tweaks can go a long way to enhance your website’s reach and attract more organic traffic.

Google isn’t in the business of penalizing sites – the web is an open ground where you can build a sustainable business.

In this article, I’d like to share my seven strategies to help your web page rank highly.

The Panda and Penguin updates are powerful forces to reckon with.

For that very reason, the tips in this post are going to focus on the latest SEO requirements.

Enjoy and leave a comment below…

1.      Know who you’re writing to

Many people see SEO as a complicated system. They wonder how they can easily dominate Google first page. But that shouldn’t bother you. In fact, stop contemplating and start studying the market you want to write to.

As a website owner, you need to first recognize the person you’re writing to. What’s their demographic and geographic facet?

Does your audience consist of entrepreneurs, high income earners or students? Use Google keyword tool to study your market and to know the direction of thoughts flowing in your reader’s mind.

Use that mindset and data to write your content. You’d definitely reach a new audience and please Google.

2.      Improve your site’s load time

If your website/blog loads slowly, it can affect your rankings in Google. Yes, quality content is still King, but what’s the essence of good content when people can’t access it easily? It’s all about increasing the load speed of your blog.

Clear your sidebar and get rid of irrelevant and unwanted widgets. The vital widgets you need in your blog’s sidebar are “popular posts, recent posts and maybe a text widget.

Any other widget is secondary. Deactivate and delete unused plugins from your wordpress database.

Fast loading sites helps in search engine optimization. Google even recommends that you make your information easily accessible.

3.      Optimize the Meta Tags

The Meta Tags consists of the Title, Description and Image Tags. You’ll surely boost your rankings if the keywords used on the Title agree with the Description keyword.

Many people have misused keyword placement; they stuff it and that’s why Google rolled out the Panda update.

Edit your Meta Tags section and make sure you’ve your key terms there. The Meta Tag is the hub of your site. Search engine spider usually crawl the Title Tag before indexing your article.

Don’t forget to optimize your images also. If you can’t rank for a particular keyword because of the competition, you can easily rank for images – and drive traffic to your site.

4.      Write keyword-rich headlines

If you ignore every search engine strategy, the headline is a must for you. Because it’s the most important element in your text-based content.

When Google spider arrives at your site, it’d look into the Meta Tags section, but that alone might not reveal the topic and niche you’re into.

When you write a headline for your blog post, make it keyword-rich. Gone are the days when you can stuff keywords or use blackhat SEO tricks – Google has now employed human editors.

Just research your keyword, and use it to craft a clickable headline. It must benefit the reader in a very special way. The keyword or phrase you’ve on the headline must appear in the content itself. Or else, it’d look like spam.

5.      Engage readers with your article

How do you engage readers with your article? Believe me, it’s easier said than done. Oftentimes, people misuse this term, “engage” to mean wasting readers’ time with irrelevant survey and polls.

But it’s not the engagement that Google craves for. To engage people with your article, make sure you understand what their problem is.

Every article you write must be tailored towards solving that problem. Nothing magical at all – it’s pure marketing, because you’ve something valuable to offer your reader.

Start engaging your readers and the latest exact match update would be far from you.

If you can challenge yourself to solve at least one problem, you’ll so much cultivate engagement on your site and consequently, boost your rankings. Do this and move on to the next point…

6.      Solve a pressing problem

Sure, there are so many problems in your niche – and you might be thinking how possible you can solve all these problems. Well, relax your mind because it’s easier than you think.

Search engine optimization is all about solving a particular problem. Draw up a scale of preference, and select the most pressing problem.

Blog readers are intelligent beings. They know you’ve weakness, which can hinder you from helping them 100%. Readers want you to solve their most bugging problem.

For instance, if you’re a business coach, one of the pressing needs of your target audience is how to reach potential buyers. Brand building is a need also, but don’t stress yourself with that for now. Just focus on the pressing need and solve it. It’d breed a stellar engagement and bring you rich organic traffic easily.

7.      Use a simple call to action

How can you use a simple call to action to skyrocket your SEO efforts? I know so many prolific writers who fail woefully when it comes to call to action marketing. But the truth is, you can introduce the system into your content early.

If you’re waiting to first complete the article before asking people to click a link or share your post, you’ll be missing out. Use the headline to arouse curiosity. The introduction (lede) is also a marketing weapon for preselling the content or product.

Call to action marketing helps the reader to expect something. And because they’re expectant, they can read through your entire article, rather than scan it. Also, you can learn how I use call to action on website.

If readers can read and leave comments on your blog post or share your link, it can add social proof to your SEO effort.

What is your take?

These 7 SEO strategies are powerful enough to increase your site’s rankings in Google. Isn’t it time your increase organic traffic and build a profitable online business? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it. See you ahead!


5 movie releases to look forward to this year

August 13, 2012 | Posted in Blogging, Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2012 | By

 Over half way through the year, we have already witnessed the release of some big feature films. To name a few, The Avengers, Prometheus, The Cabin in the Woods and Hunger games have set the box office alight in the calendar year 2012. However, this year still has a lot in store for us in terms of movies. This article will walk you through 5 movie releases to look forward to in what’s left of this year.

James Bond is back on 9 November in Skyfall. With the MI6 under attack, Bond (Daniel Craig) must do everything to find and eliminate the threat. As M’s (Judi Dench) troublesome past resurfaces, Bond’s loyalties are put to the ultimate test in this action packed must watch thriller.

For Twilight fans, there is some great news in the form of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two. After the birth of their child Renesmee, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) work towards protecting their child from false allegations that put them all in danger. You can expect this movie on 16 November.

A continuation of the terrifying franchise The Ring, The Ring 3D ends a five year drought for the sequel. While the movie remains in development, it is expected to set the box office alight some time near the end of this year Shot in 3D, regardless of the story, we are bound to witness some nerve-racking effects from this David Loucka script.

Set to be released on October 3, Taken 2 is the last Taken movie we can expect. You can look forward to an action packed 90 minutes as Liam Neeson’s character is kidnapped and attempts to escape his captors. While the end of the film already seems predictable, the fact that Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Rade Serbedzija are starring in this feature film alongside Liam Neeson make this worth the wait.

The Bourne Legacy covers the story of Jason Bourne, who returns to his identity as David Webb after his dismemberment from Operation Blackbriar in the saga of Bourne Ultimatum. His return to normalcy is short lived, however, as he finds himself under attack from the CIA, who seem to be willing to do anything to dispose of their black ops programs. You can expect nonstop action from The Bourne Legacy following its release on August 10, 2012.


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