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Best Way to make money from your blog for starters

This post is for the bloggers or website owners who have just started a blog and want to make some money out of their blog. During the inception of your blog, you will hardly have any traffic and so to get direct sponsors or advertisers is practically impossible. The chances of making money is lean and you may get desperate.

Let me tell you, every business needs some time to settle and takes some time to start generating profit. You should be prepared for this and should not have any expectation for atleast the first six months in the case of blogging. If you are using a paid hosting, you will have to be prepared to pay the hosting bills from your pocket for atleast 6 months.

To start off, you can use some PPC programs and my experience says that Google Adsense is the best to start off. Apply for a Google Adsense account and start using it. Make sure that you respect the terms and conditions of the program. Let me tell you, you will not get much clicks initially as you do not have much traffic. You need to have good traffic to generate clicks which comes from your visitors. One important factor that you need to check is if Google Adsense will work for your blog. Private sales of Ads and earnings from Google Adsense is something which you should know.

During the initial stage just forget about revenue and think about building niche content for your blog and try to market your blog. I have many tips posted in the blog to increase your blog traffic.

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1 Rojish May 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Newbies first try to get the initial traffic. Focus more on content rather than money.
After search engine visitors start coming to their blog newbies can thing about implementing adsense in their blog.
After their blog grow and have some reputation they can think about leaving adsense and focus on affiliate marketing.


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