Best Copywriting Techniques To Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

October 7, 2012

Copywriting is the only technique that’s SEO friendly, evergreen and easy to master.   best copywriting technique

Most people started out online as affiliate marketers, but if you can learn how to persuade people to take action, Google and other search engines would reward you.

When I started my blog, I took a course in copywriting, because my headlines and paragraphs sucked.

At the time, all I wanted was a published article – I didn’t care about readership or solving problems for my readers.

I was selfish and that hindered my success in search engine optimization.

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But all that’s changed now. And I want to show you the 4 simple ways to use copywriting as a marketing technique to drive targeted traffic. Are you ready?

It’s all about engagement

Nothing beats engagement online. Because people are distracted and overwhelmed with the influx of new technology, infomercials and social media advancements.

Particularly, your target audience is still recovering from the changes in social media, especially Facebook & Twitter.

And that’s the major reason why engagement is the new SEO rule.

If you can engage readers who visit your blog, Google would send you hundreds of targeted traffic, and people would be happy to stay and read your content.

It’s all about engagement, but a lot of people don’t know how to go about it. That’s where copywriting comes in. When you follow the copywriting route, you’d first and foremost, study your audience.

Copywriters are known to be intelligent because they understand who they’re writing to.

They write sales letters that convert, with the extracted data they got from indepth market research. So, how can copywriting techniques help you drive free organic traffic?

1.      Begin with a sticky headline

In copywriting, the headline is given a top priority. Internet entrepreneurs who have sold millions of copies of their digital products know that the headline is like the magic wand in Photoshop.

It’s what makes the whole difference. Now, as a blogger, you’ve to spend quality time writing your headline. Ideally, don’t trust your instinct all the time, when it comes to crafting clickable headlines.

Find out what other successful people have written. Read up blog posts from your favorite A-list bloggers.

See how they used words to persuade people. If you can get a reader to click on the headline, you could easily get them toread the entire blog post.

2.      Let the audience decide

The audience has to decide what they want to read. And because we’re talking about search engine traffic, the content that you write must align to a particular key term. Don’t just write blog posts that are outside of the keyword sphere.

I’m not asking you to use SEO tricks like keyword padding, keyword stroking and stuffing, but to write from your heart in a natural state. Write as if you’re talking to someone – because in the real sense, you’re.

Blog readers have already given you a direction, a topic, an insight into their hearts; don’t disappoint them with irrelevant ideas. Stay on course and you’d engage readers – which is what Google and other search engine desperately crave for.

3.      Trade your words for profit

Learning how to write well is a gift. Most people don’t know how to use words to make their future count. If you understand the concept behind every single word, you’d easily captivate the reader and cause them to subscribe to your list.

You see, it’s no longer the amount of traffic you generate on a daily basis, but how many of that traffic actually converts.

You need repeat visits. When someone decides to come back to your blog, through the same IP, Google recognizes this gesture and could tag your site as relevant and valuable.

The bottom line is to engage people with good and easy-to-read blog posts. Write a post that sticks to the mind – it’s not a time to follow any posting schedule. As much as you can, start building an email list to further enhance repeat visits.

4.      Tell them what you want

It’s your turn to command attention. Oftentimes, bloggers fail to instruct the reader on what they must do, next. Your headline attracted them to the content.

The introduction soaked them into the paragraphs and the subheads were like hammer to nail your idea home.

At this juncture, you must call to action. If you want people to read more, simply ask them to click a link for more insights.

If you’ve just launched your e-book or any other digital product, use a simple and clear call to action to get result. That’s what copywriting is all about – persuading people to take action, after you must have solved their problems halfway. You can persuade to increase conversation rate. That’s what I did with no no hair removal system and it worked so well.

It’s your turn

How can copywriting help bloggers stand out from the crowd? Do you know that your blog’s success depends 91% on quality content and 9% on marketing? I need your opinion on this – leave a comment below. See you at the top!

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