How To Drive Organic Website Traffic To Your New Blog Quickly

October 7, 2012

Is your blog new or old?   SEO-website-traffic

Most likely, you’re looking for ways to drive rich and targeted traffic to it – without wasting money on advertising.

In my 6 years of marketing online, I’ve discovered that organic traffic is the easiest to get.

This statement might sound weird, considering the fact that Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm.

The first was Panda, the second Penguin and the latest, which has swept through the nook and cranny of the web, the exact match domain update.

If you’re worried about your blog not ranking highly in search engine, or it could be that you were penalized for EMDs, this post is for you.

Little tweaks can go a long way to help your webpage regains its position in search engine. Google is waiting to send more targeted traffic than you can handle – so, don’t despair and whine over spilled milk.

Map out your ranking strategy

People miss out on the rich deposits of web traffic from search engines. Because they’ve no SEO strategy. What exactly do you intend to do with the traffic when it starts coming? Have you researched your keywords and key phrases?

It can seem difficult at first to write a clear goal, but if you can do it, half of the fight would be won. When people are looking for a particular item online, they use key terms to search on Google. Those terms aren’t by accident.

They’re truly from the user’s instinct. They mean a lot to the person who is searching for it. The strategy you’d map out could involve ways to approach the key terms and how to write the content.

This way, you won’t appear as a sales person, but as someone who is mindful of others and wants to help them. After mapping out the strategy, see next line for a powerful SEO weapon that never fails.

Suck organic traffic from search engines

web seo traffic

I’ve used this on several occasions and still do – content marketing is powerful enough to generate avalanche of targeted organic traffic to your site.

The basic concept involves studying your market to determine what they want and how desperate they want it.

Content marketing isn’t a hit-and-run approach. You need to be consistent and work your way to the top. The knowledge you’ve about a person would help you serve them better. Isn’t it?

Ironically, Google spider doesn’t make decisions based on what keywords you’ve used. It’s part of the decision process, though, but there is more.

When you answer people’s questions and help them achieve a definite goal, Google spider would automatically rate your webpage high – as valuable, rich, informative and evergreen.

Take this home

Now that you’ve identified the major problem that your target audience is facing, it’s time to craft compelling content to back it up. Use the key terms that you’ve researched – write blog posts from your heart and avoid keyword stuffing.

And when you publish the post, go ahead and share it on social media networks.

Find blog communities and bookmark the link. Give the post time to soak up spices from the web, and you’d definitely get free organic traffic. Your SEO success is sure, if you don’t give up.

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