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The Facebook Like button turns a year old today and Facebook is celebrating the birthday by asking its users what the Like button means to them. On it’s own page, Facebook wrote  “Happy 1st birthday, Like button! For a one-year old, the Like button sure has a lot of friends. More than 10,000 sites add the Like button every day. Tell us what the Like button has meant to you.”

Within seven hours the post was “liked” more than 56,000 times and had over 7,000 comments on it. The Like button is now an integral part of social networking consciousness, and the term is commonly used to express appreciation. Hoping to cash in on the success of the Like button is Google, who  recently launched their version of it called “+1″.


facebook likes While the Facebook Like button needs to be integrated in a website, the +1 button appears next to search results in Google.


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