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Guest Blogging Made Easy, 5 Simple things to consider

If you’re reading this article then there’s a good chance that you’re a guest blogger or have plans on becoming one. So what exactly does it take to be a guest blogger and have your articles posted on popular blog site?

The definite answer would be hard work. I have even found it more challenging to create guest posts than actually writing something for my personal blog. Remember that you are competing with tens if not hundreds of guest bloggers for the same real estate.

Guest Post

Submit your best blog posts

Would you allow somebody to write a second rate post on your blog? Definitely not. If you’re planning to submit a guest post then submitting your best posts gives you the best chance of having it approved. Some people fail to notice the distinction between article submissions and guest posting. And the mistake is only realized after submitting dozens of articles and having the same number disapproved.

The first difference between article submission and guest posting is the quality of writing. There are a good number of submissions sites which require some degree of quality writing but these standards pale in comparison to guest posting.

Quality comes at a price and the price of creating a good quality guest post is the hours spent in creating one. Would you rather spend a couple of hours spending one good article or waste hundreds of hours writing hundreds of articles without a single one being approved?

SEO Work and Promotion

Spending a few minutes researching for relevant keywords helps search engines find your article faster and the blog owner a happy camper. Make this an experience that is both beneficial for you and the blog owner. Guest posting gives you quality backlinks for your SEO campaign and reciprocating the gesture is the sign of a professional blogger.

Promoting the post on your social network accounts helps the blog get better visibility. This also shows blog owners that you are able to provide them with traffic in return opening the possibility of writing guest posts in the future.

Link to other Posts

Quoting other relevant posts in the blog again helps in the overall SEO efforts. This also shows that you have good knowledge about the blog and its content. Links provide readers the opportunity to visit other post in the website reducing bounce rates.

Be an Active Commenter

Posting comments helps you become an active member of the community long before you submit a guest post. This could earn you some well deserved credit when the owner is deciding a guest author to approve. Some guest authors even fail to answer comments on their guest post. Responding to comments show that you are actively engaged with the community.

Submit your Post in the Right Format

Study how the blogs are presented and submit your posts with the similar format. Some guest blogging sites use WordPress where you could format the articles. Make it as easy as possible for the blog owner to publish your post.

If you are planning to use images on your post which is a good idea submit it as an attachment on an email. Other guest posting sites require submissions to be sent as a document. Using basic HTML commands makes it easier for blog owners to simply copy and paste the article.

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1 Amit September 5, 2011 at 4:55 am

Guest blogging gives you lots of exposure,Thanks for the points,you should always do this.It is fun too


2 [email protected] as a career January 14, 2012 at 2:23 pm

guest blogging is a really interesting option. Not only does it provide you some valuable backlinks for your blog, but also might end up getting you employed.


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