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How much do you depend on Google for earning online?

If you are a person who make from working from home or do some online business, then you need to ask yourself some questions : -

  1. How much do I depend on Google ?
  2. Does Google pays me for showing its ads ?
  3. Does Google search sends me traffic and do I use those traffic to make money, sell my products ?
  4. What happens if Google puts a bar on my blog / website ?
  5. Will it be a dead end for me if Google bans me from its search results or from using Google Adsense ?

I can bet there are millions who do blog or make money using Google traffic. Personally I have some websites where I depend on Google for 85% of the total traffic I receive. Recently the “Content Farm Update” has shown this to many big bloggers / online money makers, who solely depend on the traffic sent by Google and make money by the Google Advertising program (Google Adsense).

If you check big money makers who have been doing this, most of them do not use Google Adsense and they do not just depend on organic traffic. They have news letters, loyal readers, affiliates to market their products, social networking sites like twitter, facebook, etc. Even if Google dumps them, they do survive. John Chow was banned by Google for more a year, but still he did not lose. He fought back, wrote paid reviews worth US$ 500 per post, sold links, etc. But for a small blogger like me, it would be the end.

Its not late, just do not stop with the traffic from search engines.

  1. Be active on social networking sites
  2. Interact with your readers, write comments on other blogs
  3. Join different forums
  4. Just do not depend on Google adsense
  5. Create your own products,
  6. Have affiliates working for you
  7. Create a strong email list
  8. Be nice, that could make you more happy

We see many new bloggers budding up as they read that Mr X makes US$ 10000 per month from his blog by writing some posts and putting Google Adsense. Google sends him his cheques every month. But they should understand that Mr X has worked very hard for sometime to reach this stage and to write strong content, its not so easy.


To conclude, do not put all your eggs into a single basket, have your traffic source well distributed, income source well distributed, one or the other would work at hard times.

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1 Robert Mitchell April 30, 2011 at 10:40 am

Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.


2 Roberto Iacono May 10, 2011 at 6:27 pm

don’t tell me, after 6 months, I’m earning only 2 $ per day


3 Sarami May 10, 2011 at 6:36 pm

it actually depend individually too and the niche of your site. I am earning better but my blog is only 3 month old.


4 Rajat August 22, 2011 at 7:37 pm

It seems like google is becoming god to us.


5 anuj November 22, 2011 at 6:47 pm

nothing to worry about adsence they create there huge buisness by publishing and so on…..


6 Free Premium Themes December 2, 2011 at 6:59 pm

I don’t have adsense account But I think nothing can be like Adsense.


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