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How To Choose A Domain For Your Upcoming Blog

First step you will need to take to start your blog is to select a right domain name for your upcoming blog. There are many points that one should consider before buying a domain name. Remember that domain name is the first impression that a visitor have before visiting your blog. So choosing a domain name is a very important task to start your blogging career.

.Com, .Org, .Net..?? What To Choose..??

The first point that comes to everyone’s mind before buying a domain, is whether to buy a .com or .org or .net or .co or any other extention domain name. It is a myth that TLD (Top Level Domains) are good for SEO purpose. After going through a lots of articles over the net I came to the conclusion that all extension domains are equal in the eyes of Google. Although it is good to prefer .com domains over others because .com is like a default extension for a domain name. Now a days .co extensions are also gaining popularity at a rapid speed.

Keyword Domain..???

What is keyword domain? A keyword domain will have the keyword of your blog in the name, suppose you want to create a blog concentrated on niche “cars”, then any domain with the word “car” is a keyword domain, like, carjunction.com, carworld.org, etc. Keyword domains are good for SEO unless you have inserted too many keywords in the domain, which appears like a spam to the search engines. It is always not necesarry to have a keyword domain, you can have any type of domain, which appears good to you. The only thing is that keyword domains are preferred over normal domains.

The shorter.. The better..

Try to choose a short domain name, this is beneficial in many ways. A short domain name is easy to remember by your visitors. A short domain name has SEO preference over long domains, because long domains are generally regarded as MFA (Made For Adsense) sites like watchcricketworldcup2011.com, etc and are penalised by Google and other search Engines. Be shorter, be smarter…

Hope this will help you out in buying a domain name for your upcoming sites and blogs. Don’t forget to share your factors that affect the buying of a domain name.

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1 trickjet July 31, 2011 at 1:22 pm

how your posts are not placed in date wise which plugin u used


2 Sarami July 31, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Hello. I think my all the posts are datewise except the first two as they are sticky posts.


3 Ahmad Badyari August 4, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Choosing a top level domain including your main keyword in good for blogs


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