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Promoting Your Blog on a Facebook Page

One reason you might like to consider creating a Facebook page is that it makes it easier for people to see posts about your blog, especially if they are not your friends on Facebook. Not only can you copy links and post them on your Facebook page in the same way that you might do on your personal profile, you can advertise your Facebook page. People are spending so much time on social networks such as Facebook that anything you can do to make it easier for them to get to your blog, the better.

Will people bother to manually come and check your blog? Perhaps. Will people subscribe to your blog by email if you add that function? Possibly. What if you make it as easy as possible for a person to view your content? Probably the easiest way for people to view your blog posts (if they’re spending a fair amount of time on Facebook each week) is to Like a Facebook page. When people Like the Facebook page, any post that appears on the Facebook page appears in their News Feed. In other words, whenever you copy a link to your blog, it appears for them. Nice and easy.

Facebook Page

So Facebook pages make sense. You might like to try advertising the address of your blog directly, or you might like to try advertising your actual Facebook page (it might be easier for someone on Facebook just to click the Like button and get your posts automatically) rather than going to your blog, where it takes more effort to subscribe, and so on.

The best strategy is debatable, but if you like the idea of promotion, I’d suggest at least trying to make a Facebook page. Then if you like the idea of trying an advertisement, create a Facebook ad and point it to your blog. Then try running a Facebook advertising campaign separately, which promotes your Facebook page, and see how many Likes you get. Getting people to subscribe to your blog by email is more effective because they get an email whenever you post something. In contrast, when people Like a Facebook page, they get new posts in their news feed when they log in, but they might miss them.

So my recommendation is to try a few different strategies and see how they work for you.

  • To explore Facebook pages, visit www.facebook.com/pages.
  • To create one, just click the Create Page button.
  • To learn more about Facebook pages, visit http://tinyurl.com/fbpageshelp. There’s some basic information on Facebook pages in the Facebook Help section.

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