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Right Time To Place Ads and Affiliate Links in your New Blog

I have seen many small blogs which are full of pop ups and pop unders with loads of affiliates links and to the worst, with too little content. So how will you know that the right time has come to display ads and affiliates links in your blog?

Although its general that most of the site owners start a blog to earn some money from the very first day. But you should always remember that “Rome was not build in a day”!


There are many reasons that you should NOT display ads on your new or baby blogs, atleast don’t use pop ups or pop unders. For new blogs you may prefer Google Ads because they are clean, easy on eyes and don’t slow down your site much.
Generally as a visitor when I will visit your blog which don’t have much content or quality content or less activity and is flooded with loads of ads, i will simply press the ‘x’ button on the top right of the browser and will definately avoid your site in future. The most irritating thing is the pop up window that ask for your email id to get some freebies and all, normally a decent internet user will avoid such popups as they are quite irritating, as they need to close them before seeing the content which they are searching from hours. Such pop ups should only be used by sites that have moderate traffic or good loyal visitors. New blogs should not use such pop ups to build their mailing list in beginning.


You should always give emphasis on quality of your blog instead of earning money in beginning phase of your blog. You should choose the policy of Visitors Satisfaction. Once you feel that your blog is quite active and is gaining quality comments from visitors, you can start focusing on more of quality contents. If your blog is niche based then now you can show few high paying and worthy affiliate links to get some extra income besides from adsense. Dont go for too many affiliates, as it again has a bad impact on visitors of your blog.

Generally reaching at this level atleast takes around 6 months (may be different for different webmasters). Try to rank good in search engines, as organic traffic is the best conversing traffic. Once your site has become a good and quality community with good amount of visitors then you can apply for BuySellAds.

Buysellads generally don’t accept every blog or site, they visit your site personally and check your blogs quality and visitors base. You can find many articles over the net that will tell you the major points that you should verify before applying for buysellads.

money from ads

As the passage of time your blog will get good Google Page Rank, and this is time when you can opt for private ads of other sites or blog at fixed monthly rental. Now you have many sources to earn from your blog.
But if your hunger for online money making is still at the bottom level then you start providing some online services to your visitors in which you are expert, like SEO services or customising themes or providing graphical services etc.

Remember, if you want to see your blog going up day by day then ‘Quality’ and ‘Visitors Satisfaction’ should be your first motive.

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1 Rohit Tripathi February 26, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Thanks. This was really helpful. I Always used to put loads of ads when i immidiately start a site.


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