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Setup Up Your WordPress Blog: One-Click Installation

In the past, you pretty much needed to hire a developer or learn some serious technical skills to install a content management system. To have a fully customizable, hosted WordPress site, you need to have an Internet hosting account. The example company we’re using is HostGator, which is a popular hosting company offering good prices and a great quick installer. The company also occasionally runs deals where you can get $100 in AdWords credit. AdWords is Google’s advertising platform, and it’s a nice way to get some attention for your blog or website. Later in this book when we look at promoting your site, we’ll look at Facebook advertising and Google AdWords.

Starting a Hosting Account

To start a hosting account, visit www.hostgator.com. Then when you’re ready, select a plan according to your need and click Order Now. There’s a lot of information on the next page, but the most interesting to me is when the site runs deals on getting free Google AdWords credit. You can scroll down and check to see if HostGator is running a deal.

Hostgator Order

Step 1 involves website names. If you’re just learning, I’d recommend picking a name for practice; don’t worry about it too much, because the cost for website names is only around $10 per year. You can come up with an idea for a name on the left, and you can click the little drop-down .com and choose other endings, if the name you want is not available. If you do want to get your own, new name, you can also go to register.com and see what’s available (but don’t register there). Then you can start the account at HostGator when you’ve found one you like that is available.

Or, if you already have a name registered somewhere else, you can always point it to a new account. It’s like cell phone portability. If you get a new phone, you still own the number and can point it at a new phone. Also, be aware that when you register a domain name, it’s separate from hosting. That is, if you start an account somewhere and register a name, and you also have hosting, you can keep the name but ditch the hosting. A website name is a domain name. You can have a domain-only account.

At any rate, if you have a website name already, just enter it on the right, and then keep in mind that there will be things you need to do at your registrar account or domain account (the place where you registered the website name) to repoint it. Contact your  registrar/hosting company where you registered the name, and ask how to point it to HostGator. When you get a confirmation email from HostGator, it will have a couple lines that are called nameservers. Basically, you end up needing to point your website name toward those servers.

Purchase Domain

When you’re ready, click Continue to Step 2, and finish the process of starting your account. At some point you’ll get a confirmation email. The Control Panel link is the one you’ll use to log into your account. The email will also have your username and password. Print it or write it down!

Installing WordPress with QuickInstall

This quick installation stuff is really quite fantastic. You can use your Control Panel to log directly into your account, or you might be able to visit your website name and then click the cPanel Login or type www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel on the address bar. Use the username/password provided in the email. You might also want to bookmark the Control Panel (cPanel) login.

Hostgator cPanel

The first time you log in, if you want to learn more about your hosting account, you can click the Get Started Now button when this little window pops up, or you can click the View Our Video Tutorials link. The cPanel screen has lots of goodies on it. Scroll all the way down to the Software/Services section, and click QuickInstall.

Quick Install

The QuickInstall logo appears at the top of the screen. It’s worth noting that this is one area where you can come back and manage your quick installations. You might want to bookmark it.

Then scroll down to the Blog Software section, and click on WordPress. When this next screen comes up, click the Continue button.

This next screen provides some different options. If your website name hasn’t been connected yet, there might be a temporary address you can use. The section that starts with http:// allows you to place WordPress at a specific address. If you leave the field on the right blank, WordPress is installed at your website address. In my case, that’s fine. When people type in storyloom.org, they’re directed to WordPress.

In the install window, enter an email address for the admin email—that is, the main one to be used with the WordPress account. Then choose a title for the blog, and click the Install Now button. You should get a congratulations message. You’ll probably want to click the Here link and bookmark it, and then check your email address.

Woohoo! WordPress is installed!

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