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In this blog post, I’ll show you the 6 reasons why your blog’s traffic sucks, and how to fix it.   Increase-Google-Traffic

Web traffic is vital if you must succeed online.

85% of people who started an online business would surely give up, because nobody is there to support them or read their content – no traffic or readers.

In this new age, your target audience is looking for quality information. They’re tired of the same regurgitated blog posts.

The world needs exceptional bloggers and writers who understand their feelings and have made up their minds to proffer lasting solutions.

Let’s quickly explore the six reasons why you’re not attracting free traffic to your blog/site. Are you prepared for this?

1.      You’ve no definite goal

Do you really have a definite goal for your blogging career? It’s that vital if you must succeed. You see, there are several things that would come your way, which can give you fear. Blogging can be complicated if you don’t know where you’re going.

When I was just starting out, I didn’t know what I was doing. Back in the day, I could write whatever topic I found worthy. It was pathetic, because my readership wasn’t growing.

Even people, who managed to subscribe to my list, started opting out one by one. It was that bad – because I had no definite goal. I didn’t know what I wanted. But now I do. What do you want?

2.      You’re distracted from “that” goal

I presume that you know what you want. The challenge is staying glued to that one thing. Most bloggers I know, especially the beginners are distracted.

When they see a new video, they’d want to watch it. By the time a pro blogger launches a digital product, these distracted bloggers would be the first to buy it.

They’ve hundreds of e-books and short reports on their PC. The time to read the entire material is scarce. If you want to build a high trafficked blog, it’s time to stay focus (see next line).

3.      You’re not focused

Yep, focus is the secret spice that makes blogging truly profitable. You want to get social media influence, reach your target audience, get hundreds of comments and make money.

But you can’t achieve those feats overnight (and maybe not in 2 months). Focus can get you there – if you don’t quit.

Forget about what you don’t have for now, and start writing quality and epic content. It’s going to make your blogging journey more fruitful. Stay focused today and you’d see greatness, sooner that you least expect.

4.      You don’t write quality content

It’s time to feed your audience with quality content. Oftentimes, bloggers are so engrossed with the posting schedule, which they don’t want to miss.

But trying to keep up with the Joneses can destroy your creativity. You can’t afford to write and update your blog every day – if you struggle, the quality of blog posts would diminish. I’ve tried it and failed woefully. Yes baby!

Instead, focus on quality content not quantity. Update your blog 1 – 3 times every week. Research your topic and make sure you have facts and figures to back up the post. You’d definitely attract traffic over time. It worked for me. It can work for you, too.

5.      You don’t have natural links

Another core reason why you don’t attract traffic from good sources is because the links pointing to your blog pages doesn’t look natural. In order words, those links can’t motivate anyone to click through and visit your blog. Why?

It’s because you got them through link exchanges (maybe). Or you were involved in illegal SEO tricks that generated a lot of links to your blog pages.

If so, you can’t expect to drive targeted traffic to your blog, because the sources where you got the links from are no true communities.

If you want quality links, ensure that they’re from engaged communities and authority blogs. Activities make the web dynamic – and consequently your links can garner real-time traffic to your blog.

6.      You don’t guest post that much

And last but not the least, is the fact that you’re not writing guest posts regularly.

Yes, I’m an ardent guest blogger and this marketing strategy has single-handedly increased my blog’s readership, SEO influence, and quality off-page links and has helped me make more money in my writing business.

Guest posting can send a lot of traffic to your blog, and it doesn’t have to be hectic at all. Just study the audience you’re writing to, craft a powerful headline that’s keyword-rich and spend the most part of your time writing the content.

Answer pressing questions and call to action. You’d easily drive traffic to your blog.

Web traffic hack

What else can I say about attracting free traffic? If you wait for readers to come to your blog, they might never come. I’m tired of waiting, you should too.

Why not take the leap today and reach out to your world through social media, guest posting and media exposure. It’s time to grow your blog, enhance your credibility and make more money online. Leave a comment blow – see you ahead!

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