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Top ways to attract traffic to your blog

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time updating your blog but do not get the traffic you think your content deserves? If so, don’t worry, there is plenty you can do to get visitors to appreciate your blogging services. The key lies in attracting targeted visitors to your website who will actually want to return.

One of the preferred ways to guarantee traffic over the medium run is to carry out search engine optimization to your blog. This process ensures that your blog will rank highly on major search engines, and so it will gain traffic when people search for keywords relevant to your website. The process of search engine optimization is quite technical, and what exactly successful search engine optimization entails is not always entirely clear. However, one can optimize their web pages (on-site SEO) as well as create inbound links to their URL (off-site SEO) to rank better in search engines.

Posting on forums relevant to the content of your blog is a sure fire way to guarantee high quality traffic to your website. Most people confuse forum marketing with forum spamming. While the former is a great way to get targeted traffic to your blog, the latter can result in you getting banned from search engines for polluting the internet with irrelevant links. A good forum marketing strategy involves signing up to relevant forums, posting high quality content in the form of threads and posts, and perhaps after creating a reputation as somebody helpful, putting up a link to your blog in your signature. People will look at you as a knowledgeable authority on the niche, and they will visit your blog to learn more about you.

Depending on one’s niche, YouTube can serve as a great tool to lure in high quality traffic to their blog. If you can create some interesting videos related to your website, you can upload them on the world’s most popular video website and get some of its millions of views on a daily basis. Just upload your video onto a new channel, and place a link to your blog in the channel description as well as the video description. Now you can also embed links into your video, hence getting more clicks from interested parties.

If one does not want to spend much time generating traffic, purchasing high quality traffic is another option. There are many traffic marketplaces on the internet where people sell their services to provide relevant traffic to their blog. While this may seem like an easy option to gain traffic, you should be careful who you buy traffic from since there are many scams online that could result in you getting a Google blacklisting. Many claim to sell good quality traffic, but in fact only deliver bot traffic which will not benefit you much.


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