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What Is Blogging?

August 20, 2011

A blog is basically like an online diary, or your own personal magazine. The word blog is both a noun and a verb. A blog is an online “place” where you can write things down and display pictures. It can be private, allowing only certain people access, or it can be public. While blogs often are like journals or online magazine columns, it’s important to mention that nowadays, people have pushed the WordPress platform so far that you can do just about any kind of website on WordPress, including using WordPress as a way to do ecommerce.


What is Blogging ?

Blogging is an increasingly popular form of communication; there are millions of blogs out there, and millions of people are reading them. They cover just about any topic you can imagine. Some people write them for fun, and some as a way to make money. You can “blog” by starting a blog and then writing things on it. Material you add to your blog is called a post.

Blogs can become pretty influential; to see a list of the top 100 blogs, try visiting Technorati Top 100 List. The list can change from time to time, but there are typical leaders.

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