Facebook Now Planning to Put Ads In Your News Feed

August 5, 2011 | Posted in Featured | By

It seems that Google+ is troubling Facebook a lot.Also the growing popularity of Google+ is driving Zuckerberg nuts and making him to take the worst decisions of his life.

Firstly Facebook irritated us by launching the crappy and highly criticized chat system and now Wall street journal states that they are planning to put advertisements right between our news feeds.News feeds is the area where you get the live streaming of the news about the status updates,images,posts and other activities of your friends.

new chat system of fb

Do you also feel the same way for new Facebook chat ?

Facebook is also planning to snatch away from you the ability to filter your news feed( the ability to hide the posts from friends who are not really your friends),so that you guys are not able to filter those adds.

So if Facebook come out with this change then your new best friends would be car manufacturers,the latest stupid Hollywood movies and some underpants brand.

So will you guys still stick to Crapbook ( sorry,i mean Facebook) or switch to g+ ?

And yes,if you people need an invite to Google+,you can get one here,and that too for free…

Do share your views about this new change of Facebook in the comments section.


Mozilla Firefox 5 Releasing Soon

April 9, 2011 | Posted in Blogging, Featured | By

Mozilla has set an aggressive schedule for the next version of Firefox, slating the release of Firefox 5 for June 21. If it meets that schedule, Mozilla could crank out Firefox 6 just two months later. Mozilla has shifted to a faster-paced development cycle where it adds new features as it goes to a series of versions — dubbed nightly, aurora, beta and Firefox — each of which feeds into the next-most-stable build until a polished edition is released.