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You just have to make a REPLY HERE WITH ANY NUMBER BETWEEN 1 TO 100. You can reply anything like, “I want to win NIS Licence Key #25″ or “I love XiNZ #9″, etc. Please select a different number from others, DO NOT REPEAT THE NUMBER SELECTED BY OTHERS. The contest is open from 15th of feb (06:00 PM) till 20th of Feb (05:00 PM). Time so mentioned are Indian Standard Time. Winners will be selected randomly. So what are you waiting for, just GO ahead and try your luck….

Respect The Rules

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  • 3. The winner of the give away will be notified by a email, so please enter a valid email address.
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Internet Speed on Mobile Continued… Sun, 13 Feb 2011 07:35:36 +0000 admin This is a continued post.

airtel logo Internet Speed on Mobile Continued...


When i used vodafone in Delhi, it was known as Hutch. They have some really awesome rate cutters and sms value packs, but they dont emphasised on mobile internet. Later on when Vodafone took over Hutch, they came up with some rarely seen offers like word calling cards and all, but even then they did not promote mobile internet services. They had very expensive gprs plans.
Some months ago when I was in Uttarakhand I used Vodafone for a month. Their plans are really confusing to novice users and they may end up with losing loads of money as their customer support is really not good. They themselves are not aware of their plans and offers.
They dont have a good downloading speed. The maximum speed I was able to achieve was around 6kB/s at morning time else it drops down to 1kB/s at day time.
I will suggest vodafone users to please look around some vodafone mobile internet users before subscribing to them.


When I used BSNL in Uttarakhand I was very much eager to try Mtnl 3g service in Delhi, so I purchased one MTNL Trump Sim and started browsing the 3g plans on their website. Their plans are really really expensive and are out of the reach of a normal student like me. Also i was not able to find any hack for MTNL.
But still i thought to give it a try. At first I tried MTNL 3G TV services. I got one week free tv viewing on mtnl 3g tv. Although the tv is uninterrupted and smooth but the video quality is poor. The programs are not real time and are recorded and repeated all over again. In short, I was disappointed after few minutes.
Then I tried browsing and downloading. Browsing with 3g is always smooth and fast. But then i tested its downloading speed. I downloaded one small song and got a fluctuating speed of 0kB/s – 40kB/s. This is really low with compared to Bsnl 3g. Then I tried Mtnl 3g at different places of Delhi, but still the same, the maximum speed i could achieve was 62kB/s.
I will not suggest users to go for 3g at this stage, where the rates are really high and service is very poor.

Hope this post will help many users to opt their operator, as now Mobile Number Portability is available in Delhi and one can easily change their mobile operator without changing their precious number.
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Internet Speed on Mobile Sat, 12 Feb 2011 15:28:18 +0000 admin Today everyone wants to be mobile and stay updated and connected via facebook or yahoo or twitter. Just a moment ago i was surfing facebook on my mobile, and found that today the edge/gprs speed is quite low. Although I always get good speed with my operator, but sometimes it really sucks. So i thought that i should share my experience with different operators in Delhi and Uttarakhand.


Currently i am with aircel because they have some awesome internet plans and rate cutters. I am using aircel from last one year approx. Earlier aircel used to be slow at my place (South Delhi), but as the time passes they improved their coverage and services a lot. I have some really good experiences with Aircel.
Last time I recharged with 498 Rs. and i got unlimited free calls and sms to aircel(local) and 6gb of internet usage and all this for 3 months, along with some talktime.
Aircel gives a downloading speed of around 5kB/s to 25kB/s depending on the coverage area. I get an average speed of around 10kB/s at day time and around 20kB/s early morning from 5am to 9am.
Aircel has got the most stable network coverage with some nice internet plans. Although now all the unlimited internet plans has been limited to fair usage.
Aircel network are not widely available in Uttarakhand right now.

 Internet Speed on Mobile


Airtel is know for its best network coverage. But for internet they are not really in race with aircel or bsnl. Although their internet connection is stable but the maximum downloading speed i experienced in Airtel was around 10kB/s. Average speed is around 4kB/s.
Airtel call rates are somewhat higher than other operators and for these reasons i did not go for Airtel for long. Although i can say that they have really awesome customer services and support, its the only field where Aircel lack behind with Airtel.


Idea has one of the best edge speed i ever experienced with the downloading speed as much as 35kB/s. I was with Idea for almost 2 years when they dont have any unlimited internet plan, and we have to pay Rs. 20/day for one day unlimited gprs usage. Their customer support really sucks and i think they only wants to earn money and they dont value their customer like Airtel. I eventually have to leave idea coz of their extremely poor customer services and frequent balance deductions and making funny excuses. Right now idea has 98Rs. internet plan that gives 2gb of free internet for 30 days. Idea has good internet service in both the states, Delhi and UA.


Bsnl is one of my favourite operator in Uttarakhand because of their internet speed and plans and also their 3g hack. Yes, 3g hack, you can use your 2g sim as 3g to surf internet that too at 2g gprs rates. Means 30 days unlimited internet at 3g speed only for 274Rs.
The downloading speed in bsnl 3g is around 100kB/s to 200kB/s. Isnt its amazing? At this speed i am able to download 700mb movie in less than 3 hours in ma mobile (Nokia 5800) via symtorrent. I always use bsnl whenever I am in Uttarakhand. I really love their speed.

I will continue this post later with my experiences with Vodafone and MTNL 3G. And for your info, I am posting this from my mobile with Aircel GPRS. icon smile Internet Speed on Mobile
Please reply your experiences with your operators.


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Convert YouTube videos to MP3 Sat, 12 Feb 2011 11:40:32 +0000 admin There are many times that you need to convert the youtube videos to MP3. The following websites provide the free service of converting your favorite non-copyrighted videos into mp3s directly. All you need is a Video URL, and our software will transfer the video to our server, extract the MP3, and give you a link to download the audio file. So you are able to listen to your favorite YouTube tracks on every MP3 player. You can choose what quality to convert into, with respect to the bit rate, and also select the hosting website in some cases.

YouTube 2 MP3 Convert YouTube videos to MP3


This site provides mp3 conversion from youtube and also asks its visitors to donate through PayPal , although that is optional. Although it did take more time to provide search results to a particular video or a search term.


The simplest of the lot, it does your job without any hassles, although this works only for youtube videos.


This website offers conversion from yotube and dailymotion. They also provide mozilla firefox and google chrome add-ons. There are standard and high quality options one can choose from, while downloading the required mp3s.


Easy-to-use interface for quick conversion. Videos from Youtube, Google, Yahoo and Flickr can be converted into mp3.

Firefox plugin

A useful plug-in on Firefox which does the conversion. Instructions to download and use the plug-in can be found here.

Do try all the websites listed above to convert your favorite songs, speeches and rare videos into mp3. Drop in your comments, feedback and reviews below.

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Fastest & Slowest Internet Speed in World Fri, 11 Feb 2011 06:37:48 +0000 admin If you thought U.S is the country with the fastest internet in the world, you’re wrong. Its Korea, followed by some very interesting countries like Latvia, Aland Islands, Japan, Romania and Lithuania.
And the countries with the slowest internet are: Guyana, Zambia, Nepal, French Polynesia and the like. Surprising isn’t it ? Here’s the entire chart where all the countries in the world are ranked according to their internet speeds. Both the speediest and the sluggish internet connections of the whole world !

countriesrankedinternetspeeds Fastest & Slowest Internet Speed in World

woooooooo……. AMAZED..!!!!

Incoming search terms:

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fri, 11 Feb 2011 06:29:27 +0000 admin When it comes to search engine optimization for large websites, things get so complicated that you need to bring out all your tactics in all its glory. I find it interesting that optimizing large websites for search engines is a real test of how well you know SEO.

How is optimizing large websites different from smaller ones ?

So, first off, is there really a difference between the optimization procedures ? Technically no, if you think about it from the grass root level. But if you think from a strategy perspective, yes ! And a big yes that is.

SEO for large websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is the difference and how to deal with it ?

1. Volume of pages

The most obvious difference is that you’ll be dealing with more number of pages, and things can get complicated as each page needs careful attention. In smaller websites, the number of pages are so low (let’s say below 100) that it is easy to find out what’s important and what’s not, but when it comes to thousands, things can get tricky. How to solve it ? Let’s discuss in point number two.

2. Weight-age and importance of pages

When dealing with large websites, it is mandatory that you define different categories and subsets of pages. And one primary metric to take into consideration while creating categories is to find out how the search engines might consider them important. Based on their page rank, links, and content availability, create different batches of pages, so that you know how to go about dealing with each of them.

3. Taking a step by step approach with the content pyramid

A strategy I follow while dealing with a large number of pages is to divide the entire content into different sets based on their importance (as discussed above) and creating a pyramid, based on the content. I normally select two factors while creating categories. a) Content and b) Importance The pages with the most content, like the landing pages goes to the bottom of the pyramid. They generally form the most part of the website as they tend to be large in number. And the most important pages align above these narrowing down on their volume.

The Pyramid, Bottom Up Approach

The best approach to optimizing large websites is to follow this method by which you follow a step by step method of first mapping out the entire list of pages on the website, then categorizing them into important, less important batches, and then doing the SEO optimization processes based on the content on the pages. The key features are that the large number of pages with the most of content will be dealt with immediately and targeted for long tail keywords which will be as comparable to the number of pages in hand. The idea is to get the low hanging fruits first and get some traction initially on the search engines. Once this phase is in full swing, the focus can be shifted to the second category of pages which are more important than the pyramid base, and has better authority but lesser number of pages and content in place.

The idea is to leverage on the traction gained by the pyramid base and extrapolate the SEO metrics there from. Here, you could target  more specific keywords that are close to the primary or competitive keywords reserved for the top level pages. In my opinion, here a lot of onsite optimization has to be done, along with little of internal linking changes and more of offsite optimization. Be careful  not to mess up with the website structure too much as we have the top level pages to deal with soon.

Finally, after finishing the bottom and mid level pages, it is now safe to move to the top level pages where a lot of precision and targeting is required. Pick up the reserved competitive keywords, and match it up with the most relevant pages and do the onsite optimization part. But the highlight of this phase is going to be the offsite optimization that you do and the authority you can harness over the time. Mostly, these pages would be the top level, close to domain name pages, which already has a good amount of authority and link juice accrued, so you might also want to consider doing a proper link analysis here and spreading all those link juice evenly and with priority to importance onto other pages below the top level.

While all this action is going on on the top level pages, the earlier optimized bottom and mid level pages would be working well, and giving you results. Based on the study done on their analytics, it might also be worth to tweak certain optimization criteria for certain pages. The idea is to find the relevant information from your goals and analytics.

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Get A New Badge In Orkut Thu, 10 Feb 2011 11:23:14 +0000 admin Yeah friends, now you can get a new badge in your orkut profile!

First Go to this link:

When you will go to that page , you will find something like below

orkut badge Get A New Badge In Orkut

in the first box write your name and in the 2nd n 3rd box write your email, it can be any email. Then select any Text like, then click on ENVIAR then check your mail ,

your will get a link in your mail, something like this :

click it and your will get your new badge..
Enjoy ..:)

Comment if you like !

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Schedule your Tweets – Thu, 10 Feb 2011 06:03:35 +0000 admin Twitter has become a great tool to promote or spread a particular startup, a blog article or a web business in general. To make your tweets reach out to more people, a new web app called helps you to schedule and post your tweets at an optimum time.

What is is a new web app developed by the startup Flowtown Inc., which can be used to schedule your tweets for later. It works on an algorithm, which finds out the time of maximum impact at which your tweet will be read by the most number of users.
As seen below, I simply entered my Twitter username, and Timely suggested 4 time frames, in which I could reach out to the most users.

timely Schedule your Tweets

How Does work? analyses 199 of your previous tweets, and calculates optimum time frames using their algorithm.

  1. To get started with Timely, you have to sign-up and authorize Timely with your Twitter account. You will then be able to schedule tweets as shown above.
  2. By clicking on Add to Queue, your tweets get added to a list of tweets each of which will be posted at the time of most impact. You can check the statistics of your tweets as well.
  3. If it is an urgent tweet, you can click on Post within 30 minutes, so that Timely will choose the best time in the next 30 minutes.

timely 2 Schedule your Tweets

Since this is a fairly new web app, the accuracy of Timely’s algorithm is not certain. Do give me your feedback about this newly launched web-app through your comments.

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Win NIS Licence Key #1 Tue, 08 Feb 2011 02:46:31 +0000 admin Contest #1 Winner is #28, CONGRATES KAVITA

Disappointed by using free anti-viruses for your precious data, movies and music collection..!!! Win 1 Norton Internet Security Licence Key and make your PC clean and secure than ever before…

You just have to make a REPLY HERE WITH ANY NUMBER BETWEEN 1 TO 100. You can reply anything like, “I want to win NIS Licence Key #25″ or “I love XiNZ #9″, etc. Please select a different number from others, DO NOT REPEAT THE NUMBER SELECTED BY OTHERS. The contest is open from 10th of feb (11:59 AM) till 15th of Feb (05:00 PM). Time so mentioned are Indian Standard Time. Winners will be selected randomly. So what are you waiting for, just GO ahead and try your luck….

Respect The Rules

  • 1. The winner will be selected randomly with the help of
  • 2. Members double posting will not be considered. An IP check will be there.
  • 3. The winner of the give away will be notified by a email, so please enter a valid email address.
ALL CHEATERS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM THIS AND OTHER CONTESTS. Please read the contest rules below before entering the contest.
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Find Your Lost Mobiles Sun, 06 Feb 2011 04:45:56 +0000 admin Got a chain mail from my friend today on getting the lost handset back. Its really amazing. Now a days there is every chance of losing a cell phone, and never getting it back. There are various reasons for it. The most important reason is, till we lose we never think of losing and getting it back. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world. If you have this number sent to the Cyber Crime Division of Police, most likely it will be tracked and phone returned to you.
This is how it works:

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.
2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit. This is IMEI No. of your hand set.
3. Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the no. which will help to trace your mobile in case of a theft.
4. Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to:
5. No need to go to police.
6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet.
7. You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed.

If u lost your mobile, send an e-mail to with the following info.

Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:

Please Note : This information is valid only for India. For other countries procedure should be similar but the reporting email will differ.

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