How to get YouTube views

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Have you recently setup a new video channel on YouTube and are struggling to get the views you think your videos deserve? If so, you might want to consider making some changes so that your videos get some much needed traffic. The number of views a video gets on YouTube is almost directly proportional to its ranking on YouTube’s onsite search feature. As a result, in order to get more views, it is imperative that you attempt to get a higher position on this search engine for relevant keywords.

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Of the various factors that make up your position on YouTube’s search engine, the keywords that you wish to target should be in the title of your video as one phrase. You should conduct sufficient keyword research to find a keyword which does not have too much competition but yet generates enough relevant traffic. Most people do not put much thought into choosing their video titles, but it is absolutely necessary that you do if you want to feature ahead of other videos in your niche.


Since YouTube allows users to write up to 5000 characters in their video description, it is imperative that they make full use of it. You will notice that music videos with the song lyrics in the description tend to rank higher than the same videos without those lengthy descriptions. This is no coincidence. If you want to pull more free traffic towards you, you should not only include your targeted keywords in your description, but also write a meaningful, relevant and helpful summary of your video.



The entire purpose of tags on YouTube is to make the search feature a more powerful tool. Tags allow YouTube to categorize your video more effectively, so that it can present it to your targeted traffic. You should come up with a list of relevant keywords that you think would lead interested people to your videos. Once you have a list of tag keywords, put them up and you’ll see results immediately, especially if you have made other recommended changes alongside it.

Backlinks to your video will not only help you rank higher on external search engines such as Google, but also on the YouTube search engine. YouTube will assume your video has quality content, and rank it higher if it sees that many people are recommending it in the form of inbound links. Likewise, a large number of video comments, video likes, video views, channel subscribers and channel views all play a significant factor in determining the level of ranking YouTube gives to your video, and hence the number of views your YouTube video receives.


Right Time To Place Ads and Affiliate Links in your New Blog

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I have seen many small blogs which are full of pop ups and pop unders with loads of affiliates links and to the worst, with too little content. So how will you know that the right time has come to display ads and affiliates links in your blog?


Earn Money By Sharing Knowledge

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Here’s a website that let’s you share your knowledge online and earn money while others use it. It’s called BUKISA and is a smaller version of ARTICLESBASE, which is a much larger website with gazillions of articles on almost all subjects.


Make Money Online : Think Differently

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Making money online by selling products is the most common idea that pop into people’s mind and it is very lucrative, if you are able to arrange for the following matters.

[box type="yellow"]Sell your products online[/box]

If you want to sell their own products, so in practice you will be responsible for everything, for example, customer service, ordering / payment monitoring, dispatch of goods, etc. For payments, the monitoring is now very easy through online banking.

[box type="red"]Sell your products online (e-Products)[/box]

e-Products and digital products are easily transferable to or downloaded from the internet. e-books (electronic books) are the best selling products online. How often they have been created in Adobe Professional – software (free). If you own Microsoft Word, so you can download Microsoft’s free add-on page, which allows Word to save documents in PDF format.

So, if you know something about something, you can write even a relatively short guide “How to do something” or “How do you manage somewhere.” For example, if you know the fishing, for beginners write your own tips or experiences.

[box type="green"]Sell unnecessary items at auction[/box]

Who would be unnecessary goods are lying at home? Create your own user account, eg or or services and start to sell their unused belongings.

[box type="blue"]Sell your own service[/box]

Are you a good sign? Are you a developer? Consultant? you can provide their services and earn money. This is a pretty handy site, because it guides you with Potential buyers who are interested in your services.

[box type="gray"]Drop Shipping Service[/box]

DropShipment is a service where the product is shipped directly to end customers. The service allows you to offer your products to your customers the service and product selection generally supply direct to the customer. Service, the best feature is that you do not have to worry about products for acquisition, storing or in costly logistics organization. Fill in the Google search box dropshipping and compare Vahto conditions.


Students Can Earn Money Via Freelancing

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Freelancing when studying is always a good idea. Not only do you get to earn some money but you can also hone your skills. It also adds to your knowledge and makes for an impressive addition to your resume. Finding freelance work is not as difficult as you might think, especially if you are adept with computers and the Internet. These days, lots of start ups are looking for people to do small jobs for them. The reason these start ups prefer outsourcing the jobs is that they usually function on shoe string budgets.

One website that offers you the opportunity to apply for such freelance jobs is Set up by IIT Madras alumni, its the perfect portal for IT students who are looking to earn some money. The portal follows some strict rules and access to the work is restricted. Even the projects uploaded are only from trusted sources, and the students have to pass a Ninja Challenge to be able to compete for the projects.

To ensure the completion of projects, the start ups are currently being charged a premium over and above the project money. In the future, the site plans to start a subscription plan for start ups. The service is currently free for students, and you can make anything from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on complexity of the project. Some of the project floated on the site include bug fixing, clearing junk files from a Web server, PHP developer, etc.


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