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The importance of search engine optimization

How important is Search Engine Optimization or SEO you ask? Many businesses with a presence on the internet are beginning to realize the importance of search engine optimization to their businesses. However, some still fail to take advantage of this process to increase their level of business. This article will talk about the significance of carrying out search engine optimization to your company’s website.

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As the name suggests, search engine optimization results in websites ranking higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. With the exponential increase in the usage of the internet and the number of websites online, there is fierce competition between different website to attract the most traffic. Many shy away from search engine optimization since there is no procedure to attain a number one ranking for any particular keyword.

Statistics suggest that over fifty percent of people who use Google Search visit the first website result on display. This, itself, suggests that there is a considerable benefit from carrying out search engine optimization and gaining the first position for any keyword searched. The more popular the keyword is, the more the level of benefit attained.


Search engines are the best way to guarantee organic, relevant traffic to your website over a consistent period of time. This is because a majority of people look to search engines to direct them to the closest results to what they are looking for. If a search engine tells somebody that your site will give them what they need, they will more often than not trust them and visit your site. Then, if your content is good enough and actually help the visitor, you will find them visiting your website on a regular basis.

Once you have optimized your web pages, you only need to constantly update your website with high quality content to maintain your rankings. Recent algorithmic changes to Google have resulted in an increased value of web content. This means those who have websites that will naturally attract visitors will be rewarded by a high placement on search engines. As a result, as long as you are updating your site on a regular basis, you are guaranteed a considerable amount of traffic from search engines.

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At the end of the day, search engines are not humans, and they are not able to pick with 100% accuracy what people wish to see when they search for any particular keyword. Despite massive improvements in search engine technology, optimizing one’s website gives a massive advantage in terms of traffic from search engines. While many will back their quality content, a little effort in making their website more search engine friendly can have unparalleled benefits.

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