Improve Your Website’s Organic Traffic With Social Proof

October 7, 2012

You need more targeted traffic to your website, right?    traffic-by-Google

The influence of social media has penetrated through the fabrics of every business model.

Blogging isn’t an exception and if you’ve been marketing your business online, you’d agree with me that without social proofs, your search engine rankings can’t work effectively.

Sure, Google isn’t the only way to drive targeted traffic .

But if you learn how search engine optimization connects with social media marketing, you’d easily attract a laser-focused traffic to your website.

87% of the web’s traffic is being controlled by Google, presently.

Ignoring Google and that huge traffic statistics can mean one thing – you’re either lazy to optimize your web pages or you’re scared of Google’s subsequent algorithm updates.

Be that as it may, I’m here to share with you the simple ways search engine optimization can work for you, through social media marketing. Enjoy and leave a comment below…

Quality links control the web

I’m not just talking about getting thousands of links to your website pages, but quality and natural links. Those types of links are juicy and Google spider knows them and can easily distinguish fake from original.

For instance, if you promote swimwear, men’s underwear and trunks in your blog, don’t just anchor link those keywords – find alternatives so that the Latent Semantic Indexing rule can be obeyed.

So, how can social media marketing help in this regard? You should have known by now that on the internet, the public actually determines who gets publicity.

In order words, if you want to be known or gain traction, you need other people to help you out. The same principle of growing a business in the real world, also apply online.

Your target audience can really help you gain good rankings in Google, and drive thousands of free traffic – by linking to you naturally. Don’t try to cajole people to link to you – simply earn their trust and the links would follow.

Take baby steps in link building

When you’re looking for quality links to improve your rankings, you’d need to consider how babies grow. It’s a gradual process. Isn’t it?

That’s where majority of SEO companies are getting it wrong – they’d promise instant result, and when it’s not forthcoming, the client can get upset and ask for refunds. What a bad business?

And now that Google is constantly tweaking their ranking algorithm, all you need are baby steps. Build off-page links gradually. If you try to get 10 – 100 good links in a week, it’s a bad strategy because good links are not that easy to come by.

Take baby steps and look for ways to provide more value to your audience. Write more compelling content. Answer their question and they’d feel obliged to help you.

They can link to you. They can recommend your blog post to their friends. Tweet and share your link to their fans, grab your RSS Feed URL and help you syndicate it across the web.

Get into the “social” sphere

What does it mean to get into the social sphere? It simply means eliminating all elements that doesn’t speak or enhance effective communication between you and other people.

Marketing aside, we’re human beings with the urge to share, connect, interrelate and support one another.

When you get into that “social” sphere, every action you take would be geared towards building your brand. You’re not after the short term profit.

The future is more important to you and your business, which is why you’ve challenged yourself to solve problems and tape your name in fan’s mind.

Social media fans have only one need – quality content that truly solves their problems. Are you determined to provide the right answers via quality content? This exact SEO strategy helped my niche blog which promotes men’s online shop, to rank highly on Google top 10.

Social media marketing truly works if you can make it a lifestyle. And the result is that my primary keyword men’s swimwear styles was found by the right people.


Over to you

When it comes to web traffic, social media has a role to play. In this modern era, Google wants you to get out there. Be everywhere. Hone your marketing skills if you can, but target your brand. Google follows people and their reactions to your content.

Try to please people, not search engines and you’ll attract rich, valuable, targeted and easy-to-please traffic. See you at the top!

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