Improve Your Website’s Organic Traffic With Social Proof

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You need more targeted traffic to your website, right?    traffic-by-Google

The influence of social media has penetrated through the fabrics of every business model.

Blogging isn’t an exception and if you’ve been marketing your business online, you’d agree with me that without social proofs, your search engine rankings can’t work effectively.

Sure, Google isn’t the only way to drive targeted traffic.

But if you learn how search engine optimization connects with social media marketing, you’d easily attract a laser-focused traffic to your website.

87% of the web’s traffic is being controlled by Google, presently.

Ignoring Google and that huge traffic statistics can mean one thing – you’re either lazy to optimize your web pages or you’re scared of Google’s subsequent algorithm updates.

Be that as it may, I’m here to share with you the simple ways search engine optimization can work for you, through social media marketing. Enjoy and leave a comment below…

Quality links control the web

I’m not just talking about getting thousands of links to your website pages, but quality and natural links. Those types of links are juicy and Google spider knows them and can easily distinguish fake from original.

For instance, if you promote swimwear, men’s underwear and trunks in your blog, don’t just anchor link those keywords – find alternatives so that the Latent Semantic Indexing rule can be obeyed.

So, how can social media marketing help in this regard? You should have known by now that on the internet, the public actually determines who gets publicity.

In order words, if you want to be known or gain traction, you need other people to help you out. The same principle of growing a business in the real world, also apply online.

Your target audience can really help you gain good rankings in Google, and drive thousands of free traffic – by linking to you naturally. Don’t try to cajole people to link to you – simply earn their trust and the links would follow.

Take baby steps in link building

When you’re looking for quality links to improve your rankings, you’d need to consider how babies grow. It’s a gradual process. Isn’t it?

That’s where majority of SEO companies are getting it wrong – they’d promise instant result, and when it’s not forthcoming, the client can get upset and ask for refunds. What a bad business?

And now that Google is constantly tweaking their ranking algorithm, all you need are baby steps. Build off-page links gradually. If you try to get 10 – 100 good links in a week, it’s a bad strategy because good links are not that easy to come by.

Take baby steps and look for ways to provide more value to your audience. Write more compelling content. Answer their question and they’d feel obliged to help you.

They can link to you. They can recommend your blog post to their friends. Tweet and share your link to their fans, grab your RSS Feed URL and help you syndicate it across the web.

Get into the “social” sphere

What does it mean to get into the social sphere? It simply means eliminating all elements that doesn’t speak or enhance effective communication between you and other people.

Marketing aside, we’re human beings with the urge to share, connect, interrelate and support one another.

When you get into that “social” sphere, every action you take would be geared towards building your brand. You’re not after the short term profit.

The future is more important to you and your business, which is why you’ve challenged yourself to solve problems and tape your name in fan’s mind.

Social media fans have only one need – quality content that truly solves their problems. Are you determined to provide the right answers via quality content? This exact SEO strategy helped my niche blog which promotes men’s online shop, to rank highly on Google top 10.

Social media marketing truly works if you can make it a lifestyle. And the result is that my primary keyword men’s swimwear styles was found by the right people.


Over to you

When it comes to web traffic, social media has a role to play. In this modern era, Google wants you to get out there. Be everywhere. Hone your marketing skills if you can, but target your brand. Google follows people and their reactions to your content.

Try to please people, not search engines and you’ll attract rich, valuable, targeted and easy-to-please traffic. See you at the top!

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Best Copywriting Techniques To Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

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Copywriting is the only technique that’s SEO friendly, evergreen and easy to master.   best copywriting technique

Most people started out online as affiliate marketers, but if you can learn how to persuade people to take action, Google and other search engines would reward you.

When I started my blog, I took a course in copywriting, because my headlines and paragraphs sucked.

At the time, all I wanted was a published article – I didn’t care about readership or solving problems for my readers.

I was selfish and that hindered my success in search engine optimization.

I’ve used copywriting to increase my sales on reviews of sharp LC-42SV50U 

But all that’s changed now. And I want to show you the 4 simple ways to use copywriting as a marketing technique to drive targeted traffic. Are you ready?

It’s all about engagement

Nothing beats engagement online. Because people are distracted and overwhelmed with the influx of new technology, infomercials and social media advancements.

Particularly, your target audience is still recovering from the changes in social media, especially Facebook & Twitter.

And that’s the major reason why engagement is the new SEO rule.

If you can engage readers who visit your blog, Google would send you hundreds of targeted traffic, and people would be happy to stay and read your content.

It’s all about engagement, but a lot of people don’t know how to go about it. That’s where copywriting comes in. When you follow the copywriting route, you’d first and foremost, study your audience.

Copywriters are known to be intelligent because they understand who they’re writing to.

They write sales letters that convert, with the extracted data they got from indepth market research. So, how can copywriting techniques help you drive free organic traffic?

1.      Begin with a sticky headline

In copywriting, the headline is given a top priority. Internet entrepreneurs who have sold millions of copies of their digital products know that the headline is like the magic wand in Photoshop.

It’s what makes the whole difference. Now, as a blogger, you’ve to spend quality time writing your headline. Ideally, don’t trust your instinct all the time, when it comes to crafting clickable headlines.

Find out what other successful people have written. Read up blog posts from your favorite A-list bloggers.

See how they used words to persuade people. If you can get a reader to click on the headline, you could easily get them toread the entire blog post.

2.      Let the audience decide

The audience has to decide what they want to read. And because we’re talking about search engine traffic, the content that you write must align to a particular key term. Don’t just write blog posts that are outside of the keyword sphere.

I’m not asking you to use SEO tricks like keyword padding, keyword stroking and stuffing, but to write from your heart in a natural state. Write as if you’re talking to someone – because in the real sense, you’re.

Blog readers have already given you a direction, a topic, an insight into their hearts; don’t disappoint them with irrelevant ideas. Stay on course and you’d engage readers – which is what Google and other search engine desperately crave for.

3.      Trade your words for profit

Learning how to write well is a gift. Most people don’t know how to use words to make their future count. If you understand the concept behind every single word, you’d easily captivate the reader and cause them to subscribe to your list.

You see, it’s no longer the amount of traffic you generate on a daily basis, but how many of that traffic actually converts.

You need repeat visits. When someone decides to come back to your blog, through the same IP, Google recognizes this gesture and could tag your site as relevant and valuable.

The bottom line is to engage people with good and easy-to-read blog posts. Write a post that sticks to the mind – it’s not a time to follow any posting schedule. As much as you can, start building an email list to further enhance repeat visits.

4.      Tell them what you want

It’s your turn to command attention. Oftentimes, bloggers fail to instruct the reader on what they must do, next. Your headline attracted them to the content.

The introduction soaked them into the paragraphs and the subheads were like hammer to nail your idea home.

At this juncture, you must call to action. If you want people to read more, simply ask them to click a link for more insights.

If you’ve just launched your e-book or any other digital product, use a simple and clear call to action to get result. That’s what copywriting is all about – persuading people to take action, after you must have solved their problems halfway. You can persuade to increase conversation rate. That’s what I did with no no hair removal system and it worked so well.

It’s your turn

How can copywriting help bloggers stand out from the crowd? Do you know that your blog’s success depends 91% on quality content and 9% on marketing? I need your opinion on this – leave a comment below. See you at the top!


The User Log In Guide

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The user Log in Guide was created to help users navigate the simple new user registration (Sign Up), account Log In (Sign In), Multiple Log in, and Lost Password Recovery (Password Reset) processes. Logo is one of fastest growing networks in Asia. Recently started diversifying its customer base so users around the world can enjoy the services they have to offer in English. is a Chinese web Services Company that is one of the worlds largest search engines. offers multimedia content including mp3, music, movies and is the first in China to offer wireless application (wap) and personal digital assistance (PDA) based mobile search. is based at the Baidu campus in Beijing China and is ranked number five by Alexa Website Ranking suggesting it is one of the most traveled sites in the world. new user registration (Sign Up):

  • Go to and click sign up.
  • Enter your details such as first name, last name, email address, phone number, and enter the text to verify you are not a robot.
  • Click sign and you will receive an email address notifying you that your account is active.

Baidu Logo account Log In (Sign In):

Step 1:

  • Go to
  • Sign using your username and password that was included in your account details.

How to recover a lost Baidu password (Password Reset or Password Recovery)

Step 1.

  • Go to
  • Click on the text “I forgot my account”.
  • Enter your email address and enter the text.
  • An email message is sent to your email account with a password reset activation link.

Note: In case you have not retrieved your account go to the customer support numbers and give them a call with your account problems. Do you have the need to log in to using multiple accounts? Now you can by following these simple types. You can leave us comments if you have any questions at all. We are glad to help.

Baidu Headquarters in Beijing China

  The Simple multiple account Log in.

  • Go to
  • Enter your account details such as password and email and click sign in.
  • Minimize the windows and open another account in another window.

Note: this procedure is easy to use and requires you to have multiple accounts from different web service companies. Baidu allows open ID by login to in your account using other networks.

Step 2:

  • Go to
  • Open an account and separate IP address.
  • Down load and install Mozilla user switch add on.
  • By going to the tools setting toolbar and clicking new user.
  • Assign a different name to each account and follow this procedure switching user name. Note: confirm if your browser is supported and check the customer support to check its compatibility.


  • Open your accounts in different tabs by going to and sign in to your account.
  • Open another tab and sign in to another tab.
  • In this method use different user names and login one account after the other.



Quick and Easy Sign Up, Log In, and Password Reset Information.

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The Quick and Easy walk through guide. This article will guide you through the Simple Log in and Sign Up process. Is an online web based search engine and as well as a world class email service provider.

How to sign up to

  • Go to and click register next located at the top right corner of the yahoo page or click here. You will be automatically be redirected to a page where you will in fill in your details such as name, gender, birthday, country, language, postal code in the appropriate fields.
  • Next select an openID (This will be your email address)
  • Next choose a password. Your password should be atleast 6 characters long and use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers for added security.
  • Alternative email backup: In case you lose crucial details about your account such as password or your username, an alternative email address is the solution to accessing your account info.
  • Fill in two questions in the next field. Make sure you choose questions that you are well conversant with but not too obvious for everyone to guess.
  • Last step: Fill in the typed words to verify you are not a robot.This helps to restrict children from having an independent account and helps trace your account information.
  • Terms of service: Before creating an account remember to read the terms of service carefully. A violation of the said rules would lead to a breach of contract and yahoo would terminate your account.
  • Note: The open ID helps identify you across the web on sites that support openID such as,,, and to name a few.

Now login to or click here

  • Click on sign in on the home page or click here.
  • Enter your username or email address and password in the required fields then click the sign in box.

How to login to multiple accounts:

Step 1: Open 3 browsers such as FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

  • Open each email account with different browsers.
  • Sign in to each account.
  • After this procedure you can click now to the email of choice.

Step 2: sign in your account at fill in the details and sign in.

  • Create new tabs on different accounts and sign in each account after the other.
  • Assign different usernames on your accounts you can use nicknames.
  • Your first account acts as the default account linking you to the rest.
  • You can now click on each username and each account without login in and out.


I lost my Password. Lost Password Reset, Forgotten Password Recovery

Step 1: Go to the sign up page and after the yellow sign in button, click the text I forgot my password and you will be redirected to the next page.

  • Enter your yahoo ID and the text below to verify you are not a robot and click next.
  • Choose whether you want your password sent via email address or cellular phone.
  • You will receive a link requesting you to reset password.
  • After an email address is sent you will text the new desired password and confirm it.

Alternative: if all this fails there is the customer care number you can call for assistance.

You can also go to the yahoo forums and ask any questions you may want about your account.


The How to Guide – Tips, & Tricks

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The How to Guide. This article was designed to help users register, log in, and retrieve or reset a lost password. is an online video sharing website on which users can upload share or view videos and is one of the largest video content management sites. YouTube allows unregistered users to view videos and for the registered users to upload, view and share videos. is an amazing site that has become one of the largest sites of all time. is ranked number three by global traffic site with roughly 21% of visitors coming from the US alone.

youvid chrome
How to Sign up for a account and how to log in:

Creating a new account is a quick and easy process that should take less then 5 minutes to complete.  Sign in or log in to is quite easy. Here are a few simple steps anyone with no computer skills should be able to follow.

step 1.

  • Go to and click on the official site.
  •  Click the sign in after the person icon.
  • In the sign in page go the top right corner and click create an account text in the red button and you will be redirected to the Google accounts page.
  • Enter your details such as name, email address, password D.O.B nationality, mobile phone and enter the text below.
  • Agree to the terms of service and create and click next.

In the new email address you can access you tube going to the website and signing in with your email address.
Step 2: Go to YouTube official site home page or click

  • Next click on the sign in text at the top right corner of the home page.
  • Enter your email or you tube username and click sign in.
Reminder:  If you are logging in from a public computer remember you should never save your username and password to this computer as this will risks your account being hacked and could also get banned for illegal activity.

How to recover forgotten password from

Commonly known as lost password, reset password, resetting your password or password recover gives the ability to reset your password that you may have forgotten. This is priceless if you ask me because I personally must reset some passwords on a regular basis. Its very easy to misplace or forget your password so understanding how this process works is very important.

Step 1:

  • Go to
  • At the top right corner after the person’s icon click sign.
  • In the sign in page at the bottom right click “I can’t access my account” the text in blue.
  • Forgot your password enter your username or email and submit you will be emailed with the instructions to reset your password.

Step 2:

  • Check your email address and make sure you have not lost your password.
  • Go to the web based service provider of your account and click I can’t sign in and a new page will pop up with questions on password follow the guidelines to retrieve your password.
  • Go to the you tube website click and sign in with your details.

How to sign in to multiple YouTube accounts: Two different log in methods

First Method:

  • Go to the YouTube website at
  • Click the sign in text in the top right corner of the home page.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Go back to your browser after minimizing your page go to the YouTube website sign in using a different email and minimize do this for the rest of the accounts.

Note: Using this procedure is only valid if your using Google accounts to access

Second Method:

  • Open different accounts with different browsers.
  • click and sign in the page.
  • sign in page enter your email address and password and click.
  • Minimize your page and do this for the rest of the accounts with different browsers.
  • Click stay signed box in case you want to come back directly without entering your details.

I hope you like this article. Please leave your comments below. 


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