Quick and Easy Yahoo.com Sign Up, Log In, and Password Reset Information.

September 12, 2012


The Yahoo.com Quick and Easy walk through guide. This article will guide you through the Simple Yahoo.com Log in and Sign Up process. Yahoo.com Is an online web based search engine and as well as a world class email service provider.

How to sign up to Yahoo.com

  • Go to www.yahoo.com and click register next located at the top right corner of the yahoo page or click here. You will be automatically be redirected to a page where you will in fill in your details such as name, gender, birthday, country, language, postal code in the appropriate fields.
  • Next select an openID (This will be your yahoo.com email address)
  • Next choose a password. Your password should be atleast 6 characters long and use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers for added security.
  • Alternative email backup: In case you lose crucial details about your account such as password or your username, an alternative email address is the solution to accessing your account info.
  • Fill in two questions in the next field. Make sure you choose questions that you are well conversant with but not too obvious for everyone to guess.
  • Last step: Fill in the typed words to verify you are not a robot.This helps to restrict children from having an independent account and helps trace your account information.
  • Terms of service: Before creating an account remember to read the terms of service carefully. A violation of the said rules would lead to a breach of contract and yahoo would terminate your account.
  • Note: The open ID helps identify you across the web on sites that support openID such as Facebook.com, Google.com, YouTube.com, and Twitter.com to name a few.

Now login to www.yahoo.com or click here

  • Click on sign in on the yahoo.com home page or click here.
  • Enter your username or email address and password in the required fields then click the sign in box.

How to login to multiple accounts:

Step 1: Open 3 browsers such as FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

  • Open each email account with different browsers.
  • Sign in to each account.
  • After this procedure you can click now to the email of choice.

Step 2: sign in your account at yahoo.com fill in the details and sign in.

  • Create new tabs on different accounts and sign in each account after the other.
  • Assign different usernames on your accounts you can use nicknames.
  • Your first account acts as the default account linking you to the rest.
  • You can now click on each username and each account without login in and out.


I lost my Yahoo.com Password. Lost Password Reset, Forgotten Password Recovery

Step 1: Go to the yahoo.com sign up page and after the yellow sign in button, click the text I forgot my password and you will be redirected to the next page.

  • Enter your yahoo ID and the text below to verify you are not a robot and click next.
  • Choose whether you want your password sent via email address or cellular phone.
  • You will receive a link requesting you to reset password.
  • After an email address is sent you will text the new desired password and confirm it.

Alternative: if all this fails there is the customer care number you can call for assistance.

You can also go to the yahoo forums and ask any questions you may want about your account.

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