Top ways to attract traffic to your blog

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Do you feel like you spend a lot of time updating your blog but do not get the traffic you think your content deserves? If so, don’t worry, there is plenty you can do to get visitors to appreciate your blogging services. The key lies in attracting targeted visitors to your website who will actually want to return.

One of the preferred ways to guarantee traffic over the medium run is to carry out search engine optimization to your blog. This process ensures that your blog will rank highly on major search engines, and so it will gain traffic when people search for keywords relevant to your website. The process of search engine optimization is quite technical, and what exactly successful search engine optimization entails is not always entirely clear. However, one can optimize their web pages (on-site SEO) as well as create inbound links to their URL (off-site SEO) to rank better in search engines.

Posting on forums relevant to the content of your blog is a sure fire way to guarantee high quality traffic to your website. Most people confuse forum marketing with forum spamming. While the former is a great way to get targeted traffic to your blog, the latter can result in you getting banned from search engines for polluting the internet with irrelevant links. A good forum marketing strategy involves signing up to relevant forums, posting high quality content in the form of threads and posts, and perhaps after creating a reputation as somebody helpful, putting up a link to your blog in your signature. People will look at you as a knowledgeable authority on the niche, and they will visit your blog to learn more about you.

Depending on one’s niche, YouTube can serve as a great tool to lure in high quality traffic to their blog. If you can create some interesting videos related to your website, you can upload them on the world’s most popular video website and get some of its millions of views on a daily basis. Just upload your video onto a new channel, and place a link to your blog in the channel description as well as the video description. Now you can also embed links into your video, hence getting more clicks from interested parties.

If one does not want to spend much time generating traffic, purchasing high quality traffic is another option. There are many traffic marketplaces on the internet where people sell their services to provide relevant traffic to their blog. While this may seem like an easy option to gain traffic, you should be careful who you buy traffic from since there are many scams online that could result in you getting a Google blacklisting. Many claim to sell good quality traffic, but in fact only deliver bot traffic which will not benefit you much.


How to get YouTube views

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Have you recently setup a new video channel on YouTube and are struggling to get the views you think your videos deserve? If so, you might want to consider making some changes so that your videos get some much needed traffic. The number of views a video gets on YouTube is almost directly proportional to its ranking on YouTube’s onsite search feature. As a result, in order to get more views, it is imperative that you attempt to get a higher position on this search engine for relevant keywords.

youvid chrome


Of the various factors that make up your position on YouTube’s search engine, the keywords that you wish to target should be in the title of your video as one phrase. You should conduct sufficient keyword research to find a keyword which does not have too much competition but yet generates enough relevant traffic. Most people do not put much thought into choosing their video titles, but it is absolutely necessary that you do if you want to feature ahead of other videos in your niche.


Since YouTube allows users to write up to 5000 characters in their video description, it is imperative that they make full use of it. You will notice that music videos with the song lyrics in the description tend to rank higher than the same videos without those lengthy descriptions. This is no coincidence. If you want to pull more free traffic towards you, you should not only include your targeted keywords in your description, but also write a meaningful, relevant and helpful summary of your video.



The entire purpose of tags on YouTube is to make the search feature a more powerful tool. Tags allow YouTube to categorize your video more effectively, so that it can present it to your targeted traffic. You should come up with a list of relevant keywords that you think would lead interested people to your videos. Once you have a list of tag keywords, put them up and you’ll see results immediately, especially if you have made other recommended changes alongside it.

Backlinks to your video will not only help you rank higher on external search engines such as Google, but also on the YouTube search engine. YouTube will assume your video has quality content, and rank it higher if it sees that many people are recommending it in the form of inbound links. Likewise, a large number of video comments, video likes, video views, channel subscribers and channel views all play a significant factor in determining the level of ranking YouTube gives to your video, and hence the number of views your YouTube video receives.


How to deal with disappointing exam results

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In an increasingly competitive world, it does not matter if you had taken a bar exam, CPA exam, or even a college exam, disappointing exam results may seem as if they are the end of the world. Coping with worse grades than expected is not easy, but there are ways to make the process pass by as quickly as possible. As difficult as it may seem to believe in the heat of the moment, it is important that you realize that not meeting your exam result expectation is far from the end of the world. By no means do poor exam results equate to being a failure. For instance, I have heard that between 10% and 17% of participants taking all four CPA exams actually pass on the first try.

  1. The first goal you should look towards is acceptance. Many of those who have worked rigorously before their exams go into a stage of denial when they see their exam results. While this process of denial is natural, one should attempt to recover from it as quickly as possible. Only once you have accepted your results can you work towards feeling better about them.
  2. It often helps talking to somebody who is not involved with the situation. While talking to a classmate at a sensitive time such as when grades are published might ignite more harm than good, a teacher, counselor or a friend outside of school may offer a hug and some good advice. It might also help talking to people who are making the situation more difficult than it already is. This may include parents or friends who you fear might be as disappointed as you are with your result.
  3. Poor exam results often provide a great platform for finding one’s self. If you seem to be doing poorly in a certain discipline, you might finally realize that you are best off exploring options you are more comfortable with, and that you possibly enjoy more. One cannot excel at anything, and poor exam results can help give people some much needed direction.

Once you begin thinking less pessimistically about the situation at hand, you can begin diversifying your options to meet your current situation. If you are applying to colleges, you might want to prepare a more realistic list of options, rather than sticking to what you had planned before your grades arrived.

You can also consider retaking your examinations if the concerned education board allows for that option. You should remember that in times of immense stress such as those experienced after receiving disappointing exam results, a change of scenery can work wonders in helping you calm down. Take a break from your daily routine and spend some time having fun outdoors. Once you get some breathing space, your mind is bound to work much better to draw a plan of action on how to make up your academic life. Most importantly, you should learn to express your emotions in a positive way, and avoid using drugs to relieve the stress.

Before you consider retaking your exam, remember these two important tips.

  1. It is very important to outline your scope of work before you take your exam because your brain will begin to piece together the answers for you. Have you ever forgot something you tried very hard to remember and about 15 minutes later it hits you? That is because your brain is still processing this information for you.
  2. Know your upcoming exam’s timetable so you are not left having to rush through the remaining answers with out giving them much thought.  It has always been much easier and of course much safer to study before your exam. Try grabbing a book in reference to the subject you received the lowest score in and try to spend at least 1 week reading about this subject if time permits you to do so.




Protect Your Online Accounts from Hacking

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With the many records of security breach we hear every now and then, you’ll agree with me that security is the number one priority of everyone online. While there is no way to stay totally untouchable or un-hacked online, there are several ways to make hacking your accounts difficult for cyber criminals. Making your accounts difficult to hack will simply not put off hackers from trying to hack your email address or bank account, as they will always try to do so, but it will keep the hackers engaged till you’d probably discover what’s going on with your account.

The more effort you put into ensuring that your account is not compromised, the more you see the benefit in online security. Let’s discuss some tips on how to protect your online accounts from hacking.

[box type="yellow"]First go for Security Software[/box]

The initial thing to do if you are interested in seeing that you are protected online is to install one of the many security programs available on the internet on your computer. You don’t want to browse the internet without having an antivirus on your computer, you know the threat this may pose.

Of course, you are free to chose from any internet security software you want to use, but I’ll always recommend Norton or avast. Avg is also very good. You should also go for internet monitoring programs for your online accounts. These programs will help you keep track of how your computer and your accounts are being used. Among the best of these programs are Webwatcher, Verisign and Norton.

[box type="red"]Use Passwords that are Difficult to Hack[/box]

One of the easiest ways hackers gain access to their victims’ accounts is by breaking the password used for the given account. Most people that fall victim of internet hacks are majority of people that use weak passwords.


How do you know if your password is strong enough to prevent your account from being hacked?

There are many ways to detecting that and one of the most trusted methods is by using the service of This website tells you how long it would take a typical desktop computer to break your password.

In a research conducted by the Lifehacker team, it was discovered that passwords that have unusual symbols like “#Abithiw2itb!” would take a desktop computer 7 billion years before it breaks it. Is your password this strong? I guess no.

[box type="green"]How to Form Strong Passwords[/box]

You might have wondered how they could have arrived at such password as “#Abithiw2itb!?” Doesn’t it sound difficult to memorize? Well, that’s because it’s only meant to be memorized by whoever formed it.

Okay, here the way to it so you can easily form your password using that formula. #Abithiw2itb! Was initially Abithiw2itb which is an acronym for “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

By using our initial Abithiw2itb, we only have a long password with only one figure which is “2”. Then, by adding “#” before it, we have a stronger password in the combination of a symbol, letters and a figure which are the elements of a strong password. So you can easily come up with a strong password by using the first letters of your favorite quote and adding a symbol and a figure.

What other ways do you know to protect your online accounts from hacking? Please, share them with us in the comment section.

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Diaspora : Revamped and Secured

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A much awaited Facebook and Google + competitor, Diaspora, has finally gone viral and now we can see a good competition from this new social networking site. As we have shared previously that Diaspora has a slick interface similar to Google +, and this too has been revamped several time for the ease of usage.


Although it is very competitive for Diaspora to capture a big share of Social Networking market all over the world because of the two giants, i.e. Google + and Facebook, but still we can hope for a quality game. Currently Diaspora is on ALPHA phase and it may take few months or years to see the final version of Diaspora. If we give a look in its functionality then it is a combination of Google +, twitter and Facebook. In nutshell, you can experience all the three in Diaspora.

Currently you can join Diaspora only by the means of invitation, so if you want to try this new networking site, just reply here, we will send you a invitation as soon as possible. You can visit the Diaspora site here.


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