Mount a 2nd hard drive (2TB or less) in Debian or Proxmox 3.1

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# Mount a second hard drive in Debian or Proxmox 3.1 -
# First we’ll have to find out what the device name is for this disk.

fdisk -l



cfdisk /dev/sdb

# New -> Primary -> Specify size in MB
# Write
# Quit

# Format the new disk using the ext3 filesystem (Do not use for a hard drive larger then 2TB | use: mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 |)

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1

# Create the folder to mount the drive to. (I used /home/sdb1)

mkdir /home/sdb1


# Mounting the drive to a new folder:
# (You can name the folder whatever your want and place it in sub folders of another drive, for example /home/disk2 )

mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /home/sdb1


# Add the following line to your fstab file so it will automatically mount when you reboot the machine.

pico /etc/fstab


# Then copy and paste this to the fstab you just opened:

/dev/sdb1 /sdb1 ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1


# Now your new hard disk is mounted. #


Proxmox installation issues on version 3.x – Troubleshooting –

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Having issues installing Proxmox 3.x using an ISO file you downloaded? Recently I took note to an issue I “was” having when trying to install Proxmox 3.0 or 3.1 on a system I have. The system is a  2x quad Xeon CPU Server. I in fact did download the official ISO file directly from the official ISO Download Page.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Allow me to explain how I completed this install.

First you need to successfully install Proxmox 2.2, Then follow these few steps to easily upgrade the Proxmox 2.2 system to 2.3. This process is simple and will need SSH access. I suggest you use Putty SSH client to do so. Now you will need to start upgrading. your system. To do so, open putty and type in the servers IP address. Connect to port 22 and enter your ROOT username and password.


Update your repository and packagesIf you get any errors, your sources.list (or your network) has a problem. Before you update your system, you should stop all your running VM´s.

apt-get update

Now upgrade the packages:

apt-get dist-upgrade

Once completed, reboot to activate the new Kernel
(You now will have Proxmox 2.3)


Full upgrade information is found at

Now log back into your server using Putty. Then change directory to a temp folder:

cd /tmp

Download the upgrade script:

Stop all your VMs and Containers

Depending on your Internet connection and hardware, the upgrade will take some time (if everything is fast it will take about 10 minutes). The script is idempotent, so you can safely restart it if something goes wrong.

The script can download the packages (around 280 MB) before the packages are installed, so this is a good method to minimize downtime, especially if your internet connection is slow.

./pve-upgrade-2.3-to-3.0 --download-only

If all goes well, you should see last lines like these:

Fetched 277 MB in 6min 7s (752 kB/s)
Download complete and in download only mode
download successful

If you are really ready for the upgrade, run the script:


YOUR DONE! If all goes well, you should see last lines like these:

run ./pve-upgrade-2.3-to-3.0 --purge if you want to remove them
apt-get clean
upgrade successful - Please reboot this node.

(You now will have Proxmox 3.x)


Complete install steps as well as troubleshooting, cluster upgrades and more. 
Go to:

How I happened to notice this issue?

Simple, I was trying to install Proxmox on a system and it wouldn’t complete no matter how many PCs I used to burn the DVD or how many times I tried my USB stick, it just wouldn’t install. I have two of this servers that are clones of each other and the same issue would happen on both servers. So after about 10 wasted DVDs and three hours of time, I decided to install 2.2 and upgrade as I described above. This worked perfectly and I now am running 3.1 on this server.

Download link found on the Download Page


What to Consider When Buying an External Webcam

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Are you a Skype fanatic, a podcast star, or an amateur movie-maker who loves capturing the world around you?

Whether you’re looking for an external webcam to conduct interviews or create your own movies and skits, you have to know what’s what. Some features are more important than others—do you know what they are?

Buying a webcam is like buying a sharp LC-42 Inch Smart TV – you need to study the features first, before placing your order.

Be Resolute about Resolution


Image via Flickr by Jon Ovington

As with any camera, the resolution is the most important aspect. Whether you’re using a small portable camera or taking videos with your shiny new tablet, a clear picture tops the list of important features. You don’t need the highest resolution but you do need to think about the size of your screen. Don’t go overboard with resolution, just make sure your external webcam promises at least 2.0Mp. At that level, you’ll enjoy a clear picture filled with vivid colors but you won’t waste your money on extra resolution you don’t really need.

Focus on the Focus

Image via Flickr by xxrobot

There’s nothing worse than an unfocused video. If you’re making a movie or a podcast, you just lost your audience. If you’re doing a video interview, you just lost the job. When your images are blurry and out-of-focus, no one wants to watch the finished product. You don’t have to spend time fiddling with anything, though. The same tips you follow when buying the Kindle Paperwhite Tablet is what you must follow here. Because there are various types of Kindle in the Amazon store. Buying a webcam with auto focus abilities ensures sharp quality. You won’t have to spend that much more but you’ll be supplying a higher quality product.

Stop Blurring the Lines

Image via Flickr by stevegarfield

Focus is one thing; the frame rate is quite another. If you intend to move around in your videos, then smooth motion is critical. That requires a camera with a high fps, or frames per second, rating. While a standard 15fps is great if you plan to stay still, 30fps or more works better when you’re animated. If you’re into making little films and movies, go even higher. It keeps the image from stuttering, which is irritating. While you’re at it, get a cam with face-tracking. That way, no matter where you go, your face remains the central focus. The externa webcam requires focus, just like the Kindle HD Fire. Always ensure you follow the laid out guidelines before buying. This is going to save you money and time.

Don’t Drop the Mic, Yo

Image via Flickr by Travelin’ Librarian

What’s a video without clear sound? The last thing you want is to have a Skype chat or a video conference with an external microphone hanging out in the frame. It just looks messy, plus there is too much temptation to constantly adjust it or hold it up to your mouth like you’re rocking out Steven Tyler style. Most external webcams have microphones built into them, so choose one of those instead. However, make sure that it’s a quality mic; otherwise you’ll get stuck purchasing an additional headset, and that never looks cool. Never.

If all you do is chat on Skype or create video blogs, you probably haven’t given these features that much thought, and that’s a mistake. Take your webcam to the next level, no matter how you use it; your audience will thank you with accolades and standing ovations.



Author Bio

Shaun Chatman is a freelance writer by night and a gym trainer in the day. He lives in Dunedin, Fl. Shaun spends his free time playing with his kids or his gadgets.


Check your furniture virtually before buying. NConnex

August 23, 2012 | Posted in Technology | By, NConnex is the new newsmaker, a product that helps check your furniture before you buy one for your room or office. The program helps you to scan a furniture piece using an iPad and one can check how it fits into a room. A customer can use the program and can make sure that the chosen furniture syncs perfectly with the interiors and other furniture sets of the room where he or she intends to accommodate this new furniture piece. Using the technology of Kinect, the program performs 3D modeling and 3D visualization of the furniture sets that one intends to buy for his home or office. Kinect is generally used by the 3D artists to generate content and this technology has primarily been used here to help scan a furniture piece with the help of an iPad.

 Now, you can check your furniture virtually before buying!  “NConnex”

This program is supposed to be revolutionary for the interior decorators and furniture manufacturers and retailers. The program allows to include a lot of 3D models of the furniture pieces which can be dragged into the frame to visualize how it fits into the room. For interior designers, the program will be helpful to easily and quickly implement designs with the help of 3D models, whereas furniture retailers can easily create 3D models of their furniture pieces and can give their clients an opportunity to check them before one can buy them.


The best part of the program that it will be available for free on the nconnex website and one can download for free and try furniture pieces with 3D visualization models. The software also allows creation of 3D models in a simple and hassle-free manner. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to create a 3D model and furniture manufacturers will find this tool very appealing for this reason. Interestingly, it creates models of furniture pieces only and the living objects such as a pet or a human being disappears from the frame gradually, as soon as the furniture piece is focused for a better resolution. This path-breaking technology is going to make it a popular tool for designing and visualization process of the interiors.


However, the program has the limitation of not working suitably in an exterior space or a large space. For interior designing of spaces, like trains and airplanes, NConnex may fail to bring the desired results. Another great challenge is to maintain the high-resolution of the 3D images, as the kinects camera is notorious for giving low resolution images as low as 320×200 pixels. The development team of NConnex, however, assures to resolve the issue to win over the trust of the furniture manufacturers and encourage them to include their products and to be represented via this program. The point clouds are huge and they need to be reduced to give better images. The developers of NConnex are also upbeat of adding more products to their product lists to be visualized through the 3D models, in the near future.



Top ways to attract traffic to your blog

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Do you feel like you spend a lot of time updating your blog but do not get the traffic you think your content deserves? If so, don’t worry, there is plenty you can do to get visitors to appreciate your blogging services. The key lies in attracting targeted visitors to your website who will actually want to return.

One of the preferred ways to guarantee traffic over the medium run is to carry out search engine optimization to your blog. This process ensures that your blog will rank highly on major search engines, and so it will gain traffic when people search for keywords relevant to your website. The process of search engine optimization is quite technical, and what exactly successful search engine optimization entails is not always entirely clear. However, one can optimize their web pages (on-site SEO) as well as create inbound links to their URL (off-site SEO) to rank better in search engines.

Posting on forums relevant to the content of your blog is a sure fire way to guarantee high quality traffic to your website. Most people confuse forum marketing with forum spamming. While the former is a great way to get targeted traffic to your blog, the latter can result in you getting banned from search engines for polluting the internet with irrelevant links. A good forum marketing strategy involves signing up to relevant forums, posting high quality content in the form of threads and posts, and perhaps after creating a reputation as somebody helpful, putting up a link to your blog in your signature. People will look at you as a knowledgeable authority on the niche, and they will visit your blog to learn more about you.

Depending on one’s niche, YouTube can serve as a great tool to lure in high quality traffic to their blog. If you can create some interesting videos related to your website, you can upload them on the world’s most popular video website and get some of its millions of views on a daily basis. Just upload your video onto a new channel, and place a link to your blog in the channel description as well as the video description. Now you can also embed links into your video, hence getting more clicks from interested parties.

If one does not want to spend much time generating traffic, purchasing high quality traffic is another option. There are many traffic marketplaces on the internet where people sell their services to provide relevant traffic to their blog. While this may seem like an easy option to gain traffic, you should be careful who you buy traffic from since there are many scams online that could result in you getting a Google blacklisting. Many claim to sell good quality traffic, but in fact only deliver bot traffic which will not benefit you much.


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