December 28, 2011 | Posted in:Technology

Last week, Samsung had a statement that there will be no Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) update for Samsung Galaxy S and 7” Galaxy Tab, but it seems that Samsung has to rectify their statement due to a negative response from Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab users. It is very much possible that Samsung will find a way out to provide the ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S and 7” Galaxy Tab.


This is a very great news for the owners of Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, but still the US department of Samsung has not confirmed this statement, but if we believe some trustable sources than it seems to be a genuine statement by Samsung, although the date of the release of ICS for Galaxy S and Tab is yet not confirmed.

Having a quick glance on the hardware of Galaxy S, we can assume that the ICS update for Galaxy S will be a lite version of Android 4, with some features disabled that may require heavy usage of phone resources. But still everything seems blurry and we need to wait for an official statement from Samsung.

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