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4 Ways to Maintain a Laptop Computer

November 27, 2011

Maintaining a laptop computer is one major thing computer users need to know. In my experience with one or two laptop computer users around me, I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t take care to maintain their laptop computers. The durability of your laptop computer solely depends on how well you are able to maintain it while using it. If you are bad at maintaining a laptop computer, I bet any laptop computer you must have used would not last longer than a few months or at the maximum a year before you’ll be going for a new one.

Using a laptop computer for my blog has not only improved my experience with using laptop computers but has also helped me learnt how to maintain a laptop computer well. Let’s look at four ways to maintain a laptop computer in this post.

Always Shut Down Appropriately

Shutting down appropriately might sound somewhat obvious and basic but not doing so reduces from the life span of a laptop computer. If you are the type that does not bother to shut your laptop computer down the normal way, I bet you’d be having a lot of issues with it.

When shutting a laptop computer down, you have to avoid doing the following things:

  • Closing the lid before it powers off fully
  • Removing the plug from the power outlet (in the case where there is no battery backup)
  • Shutting down without closing open windows/programs

If you did any of the above before or are still doing it, you have to stop doing them if you want your laptop computer to last for a longer period.

Always Handle with Care

Another thing you should be careful about which leads to good laptop maintenance habit is the way you handle your laptop. You should not jerk or yank your laptop computer. You should not pull it by the wire: it could damage the charging point. You must avoid carrying your laptop computer by the monitor/screen.

When using a USB device on your laptop computer such as modem dongle, flash drives or any other USB supported devices, always make sure you eject them properly from your computer by clicking the plug-like icon on your system tray or task bar and selecting the device you want to remove.

Check for Viruses

Having viruses on your laptop computer could also lead to bad laptop maintenance. You should install an antivirus program like Norton or Avast free antivirus on your computer so that viruses would not have chances to get into your laptop computer.

Regularly updating your antivirus program is also very important because there is no difference in having none and having an outdated one.

Always Check for Hardware Errors

Another way to maintain a laptop computer is by checking for hardware errors. There are many problems having hardware errors could lead to, such as booting problems – your laptop computer taking longer time to boot, shock or your laptop computer shutting down unexpectedly.

You should make sure the wires that are connected to your laptop are in good condition and also make sure none of your laptop components is broken.

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1 Free Premium Themes December 2, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Most of peoples do mistake. They don’t shut down their Laptop completely.. And this cause their laptop software to be damage..


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