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Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Review

September 11, 2011

APPLE – a landmark in the technical world added a new model to its  MacBook Pro range  – Apple MacBook Pro 15″. As per the reviews it doesn’t offer any remarkable change except Thunderbolt port, but at the same time it does offer a fast performance and power feature. This 15″ model offers quad-core chips – Core i7s running at either 2.0GHz or 2.2GHz.

This 15″ model has moved up to a second-generation Core processor, codenamed Sandy Bridge.  In these CPUs , the processor, cache, memory controller and graphics engine are integrated on a single chip, that in turn enhances its performance and efficiency. The another feature includes Turbo Boost feature. Turbo Boost 2.0 activates Turbo Mode more often and remains there for longer than before, even when all cores are active.  This feature enables the quad core 2.2GHz Core i7 used in this MacBook Pro to reach 3.3GHz under Turbo Boost 2.0. The another feature that is standard in all kinds of MacBook Pro is Hyper Threading. Hyper Threading allows two threads to run simultaneously on each of the processor’s cores thus enabling multitasking in computers in a more efficient manner.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch

The most mark-able feature that is worth noticeable in this MacBook Pro is ThumberBolt. Thunderbolt is a new, high-speed and very versatile data port that was previously known by the code name Light Peak. Thunderbolt enables you to daisy chain up to six high-performance peripherals using a single port without using a hub, and soon-to-be available adapters will enable you to use it with USB and FireWire peripherals. Thunderbolt provides native support for Mini-DisplayPort displays, and you can connect a DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or VGA monitor using existing adapters.

Another feature includes 720p Face Time HD camera that comes with three times the resolution  of the older iSight webcams and improved low-light resolution. High – capacity SDXC cards can now be handled by SD card reader. The 15-inch 2.2GHz Core i7 MacBook Pro has an AMD Radeon HD 6750M discrete graphics processor, which comes into play automatically when running graphics-intensive applications such as games.Like all MacBook Pros , this also comes with a glossy screen. There is no doubt in the fact that this new addition by apple in its range of  MacBook Pro is worth grabbing.

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