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Essential Chrome Extensions 2012

March 27, 2012

Gone are the days when you had no choice but to stick along with the single web browser you were provided with. In the age of the superfast Google chrome browser, not only do you have choices but you can also add useful features and functions to it with the aid of additional programs. These programs, written by Google or a third party approved by them, are called Google Chrome extensions. You could visit the Google Chrome Web Store and access a complete gallery of such extensions that are bound to enhance your browsing experience manifold. However, if you are a true Chrome lover, some of the extensions from the list provided below, could surely to be of use to you.


Some Chrome Extensions to Consider

1. Adblock Plus—The Adblock Plus for Google Chrome extension has been rightly termed as “the most popular browser extension in the world.” Basically, it is an extension that allows you to block out any advertising or annoying input on your website that you do not wish to include. Therefore, it makes your fight against unwanted advertising a lot easier.

2. FeedlyFeedly—This app is essentially for the stylish net addict who wishes to tread the internet path in style. It ensures a truly elegant way of consuming and viewing the content you have subscribed to. When you establish sync between Google Reader and Feedly, you are able to gather all your blogs, news forums or other forms of content in one place, reorganized in a magazine format for your benefit.

3. Chrome to Phone—If you are an avid lover of the chrome, you would definitely be happy to correlate it with the phone handset you carry along wherever you go. This one is an extension that works in coherence with the Android App and for either your tablet or phone. This extension would be installing a small button like icon on your browser which would allow you to transfer links, selected text, maps and phone numbers right from your computer to the mobile device!

4. Shareaholic—No browsing experience is complete without a mention of social networking sites these days. This extension establishes a unique link that allows you to post anything you find interesting on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail etc right from this browser extension without having to leave the current page you are on, for even once.

5. Brand Thunder—This extension is responsible for creating superlative themes for replacing the boring looking standard browser window. Besides, the extension would also allow you to remain connected with online communities like sports teams, online business forums, bands and so on. Basically, the idea is to enrich your browsing experience, making it much more fun.

6. Star Focused—Since almost 99% web browsers end up wasting loads of time in useless net surfing when they are working on their browsers, this extension would help you restrict your time wastage. Therefore, if you are a true chrome lover, it would now be easier for you to use your browser much more productively.

Although there are many more, the above is a list of some of the tried and tested extensions that would enrich your browsing experience with the colorful chrome.

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1 Kanan March 28, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Shouldn’t have you provided links along with names?? Now I’ve to separately google all extensions’ names…


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