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Facebook and World IPv6 Day

The time has come! World IPv6 Day starts Wednesday, June 8, 00:00 UTC. As Facebook announced at the start of this year, World IPv6 Day is an important step in the future of the Internet: it’s the first global “test flight” of IPv6, the next-generation address format of the Internet. It’s also important for Facebook, as it will allow them to test our infrastructure more widely with minimal disruption to our service.

World IPv6 Day is a 24-hour test that will enable the industry to gain insights about potential IPv6 issues, find solutions, and accelerate global adoption of IPv6. Facebook is working with our peers to keep the Internet open and make sure all computers and devices stay connected.

IPv6 is vital because the Internet’s original addressing system (IPv4) has run out of free space. Since every device on the Internet relies on a unique address to communicate, we must transition to IPv6 — which provides over 4 billion times more addresses than IPv4. IPv6 will ensure everyone (users, ISPs, governments, and companies) have direct and open access to the Internet.

Telecom carriers, ISPs, OS makers, hardware manufacturers, Web companies, and governments around the world are depending on IPv6 to continue growth of the Internet. IPv6 is used extensively in many large networks, but has never been enabled at a global scale.

Why It Matters to Facebook


World IPv6 Day will allow us to better understand how our infrastructure and code perform under IPv6 while minimizing impact on our users. Since January, fb have conducted several studies and tests of our own and have gained even greater confidence that our site is ready for IPv6. They anticipate that 99.97% of users will not be affected at all. The small number of users who may be affected may find that pages are slow to load and we are working to minimize the impact.

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