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Heard About Samsung Galaxy S3?

Lately we have seen some phones with 3D screens, so we can acquire that the year 2012 will be taken over by 3D mobile phones, and definitely Samsung will be among the first to adopt the 3D phones. With 3D screens you can play 3D mobiles games and can capture the video in 3D too which will work great on your 3D tvs.

3D mobile Samsung

Although it is not confirmed but the market is rumored about the new Samsung Galaxy S3 late next year with some stunning features and hardwares. To count in, Samsung Galaxy S3 may have a Quad core processor with a 3D screen and camera, and of-course it will come pre-packed with Android 4 (Ice cream sandwich).

It is also expected that Galaxy S3 will be the first 3D mobile phone by Samsung. But the sources of these statements are still not confirmed and we need to wait some more time to get some official announcements from Samsung about this new 3D device.

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