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5 Worst Passwords You Can Have

November 19, 2011 · 0 comments

Internet means a collection of websites, which means collection of logins, will certainly means a collection of PASSWORDS, thus in short INTERNET = PASSWORDS. So we need a strong and safe password to protect ourselves from hackers and information stealers. To help you up, I just want to list the 5 worst passwords one can have.


A Series of numeric digits is the worst password in the internet world and almost 2-5% of the new users set their password to “123456” or a similar series of numbers. So be smart and never use a series of numbers as your password.


Same like numeric series, alphabetical series as a password is also considered as one of the worst password choice. Example of alphabetical passwords are: abcdef, or any similar series.

worst password

Another common mistake that anyone can make is to set his/her password to his/her name. Thus, it is quite easy for a hacker to make a guess about your password. First name, last name or both in any order are significantly prone to risk.


There are many lazy guys that use the same password as their username. This simply indicates that the user is quite lazy or has a bad memory. So never ever use your username as your password.


In many places you need to enter only 4 digits which acts as a password, similarly like in ATMs. Many user use their date of birth, like, 1990, as their passwords, as it is easy to remember, but they forget that these types of passwords are highly insecure.

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