Diaspora : Revamped and Secured

Diaspora Invitation

December 7, 2011

A much awaited Facebook and Google + competitor, Diaspora, has finally gone viral and now we can see a good competition from this new social networking site. As we have shared previously that Diaspora has a slick interface similar to Google +, and this too has been revamped several time for the ease of usage.


Although it is very competitive for Diaspora to capture a big share of Social Networking market all over the world because of the two giants, i.e. Google + and Facebook, but still we can hope for a quality game. Currently Diaspora is on ALPHA phase and it may take few months or years to see the final version of Diaspora. If we give a look in its functionality then it is a combination of Google +, twitter and Facebook. In nutshell, you can experience all the three in Diaspora.

Currently you can join Diaspora only by the means of invitation, so if you want to try this new networking site, just reply here, we will send you a invitation as soon as possible. You can visit the Diaspora site here.

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