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Every Facebook Account Have 3 Passwords

September 18, 2011

Most of us know only about the password with which we log in our Facebook account, but every Facebook account has 3 password including your original password because the Facebook Passwords are not completely case sensitive. Besides this one password with which we log in, there exist two other passwords as well that are hardly known to anyone. So practically we have 3 passwords for our facebook account. Let us see apart from the main password, what are the other two passwords that do exist but are hardly in knowledge of anyone. These two passwords are :-

  1. Your actual Facebook password with opposite cases.
  2. Your actual Facebook password with first letter capitalized, this is only available for mobile devices, though.

For instance, if your Facebook password is ‘aBccD’ , then even if you reverse the case and type your password as ‘AbCCd’ , you will be able to log in to your account. Thus, this reverse case will serve as your alternative password. This means even if all the letters of your password are in lower case, you can log in to your Facebook account even if your CAPS is on and you type your entire password in capital letters.

Similarly, if you operate your Facebook account through mobile like me, then whatever your password may be, but by mistake you capitalize the first letter of your password, still you will be able to log into your account (even though the entire password comprises of lower case).

This is not a bug in Facebook, they intentionally designed in this way. This is not going to affect the security of your account, since the password remains the same,  what has changed is just the capitalization, so it will take the same number of brute force attacks to crack it.

So we are now aware of the fact that there is not merely a single password with which you can log into your Facebook account, besides this, there are two other alternative passwords as well. So like it and share this article with everyone and let everyone know about it.

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1 Izkata November 19, 2011 at 8:51 pm

You are incorrect about requiring the same number of brute force attempts. Having multiple possible passwords (regardless of why more are valid) will require less, as the more valid possibilities there are, the more easily it can be stumbled across.


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