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Facebook New Share Count Feature

September 20, 2011

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most dominating social networking websites that has carved its niche. With the launch of Google plus, there has been a tremendous change in the operating style of Facebook. Day by day a new feature is being added to Facebook and it seems  it’s just copying the features of Google +. Recently, new features like Facebook subscribe button, video chat, smart list  have been added to Facebook that are inspired from Google +.

To add-on to the list, another new feature has been added. Facebook has rolled out share count for status update. Earlier when somebody shared someone’s updates, it never intimated the user about the number of times his status or post got reshared. But starting today, you will see no. of shares and when you click on it, it will also show people who have shared your status updates or link shared on your wall. This also works for your uploaded photos. This feature will enable the user to know how popular his update or post is getting and how many shares they are getting.

And when you click on view shares, it will show a list of people who shared your status and more over, all the comments and likes associated with it.

This feature is surely going to be a big hit among Facebook lovers. But these are the features that are being copied from Google +. Well who cares who is copying whom, the plus appoint is the end users are being benefitted, and this is all that matters to us. So, people go ahead and when you log in to your Facebook account this time, do not forget to check out this new feature.

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