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November 24, 2011

As of today, I think almost everyone know what is Facebook, everyone knows how to use Facebook and other things about Facebook usage. So I won’t tell you about the features of Facebook, but I am here to let you know some interesting facts about Facebook. Although Facebook is losing their user base in few countries like U.S. and Canada, but still Facebook is one of the best social networking site over the net along with Google+, which is chasing Facebook at a rapid speed.


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  • There are more than 800 million registered and active users in Facebook.
  • Almost 12 million users are under-age, i.e. below 13 years, which is the minimum age to join Facebook.
  • Around 25 million users are below 18 years of age, which is a normal age in many countries to be called as adult.
  • Women are more addicted to Facebook rather than men.
  • Almost 50% of the total users login to their Facebook account everyday.
  • On an average 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday.
  • Almost 40% of the active users have accessed their Facebook account via mobile device at least once.
  • More than 70 Lac applications are integrated in Facebook.
  • Facebook has more than 3000 employees.
  • On an average, every user has around 130 friends.

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