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TechCrunch Fututre Is In Air

October 10, 2011

More drama unfolded at the popular Silicon Valley blog TechCrunch. One of the first media outlets to cover emerging media companies (before the term “Web 2.0″ was even popular), TechCrunch built up a formidable reputation and loyal reader base over the years, primarily due to founder Machael Arrington’s brash writing style and unapologetically personal involvement with the companies and people he wrote about.

When AOL bought the site and placed it under Arianna Huffington’s control, many speculated about its editorial independence in the face of AOL’s blatant pushes to maximize page views at the cost of quality.


In the past month, a minor squabble about a new venture fund turned into a bloodbath, resulting in Arrington being fired, a number of his staff walking out, and a series of very public rants from nearly all parties involved. Arrington demanded he either have  his way or buy TechCrunch back from AOL, but they fired him instead. The future of one of the most popular tech blogs is now in the air.

Source: Chip Mag

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