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Originally known as the LG Star, the Korean firm have released this beastly device as the LG Optimus 2X – 2X obviously a direct association to its dual core abilities. The device is so at the top of the range of the power houses on offer.
Anyhow, so how does the LG rate?

Well it’s a minimalist design, like most LGs are these days. It must be said it is a good looking device, if a little unremarkable. It does look good with the lights off, a bit monolithic by all accounts.

The Optimus 2X follows its love of twos and has Android Froyo 2.2 as its operating system, a little bit disappointing considering Android 2.3 Gingerbread is available. This does let the phone down a little considering it is seen as one of LG’s top end devices.

The LG does get a 4inch 400x800p screen that’s capable of playing 1080p video and also comes with DNLA streaming if you want to play video on a larger screen wirelessly.

You may want to do this, especially if you take advantage of the high resolution abilities of the Optimus 2X’s camera for recording which though not amazing will look good on the big screen. The problem with the camera is that it doesn’t improve on anything that came before it and is not as good as rivals such as the Galaxy S II and the Motorola Atrix
LG also has a number of pre loaded applications and widgets which do brighten up proceedings, both the social network and music applications are very well executed it must be said. They have no need as yet for the large processing power but in time the dual core processor will have its need but for now it is future proofing.

The phone does come in the lower end of the high phone price range which will definitely mean it will attract attention for those who crave power at a low price. This will place it with the likes of the HTC Incredible S as well as some of the older premier phones like the Desire HD.

Overall the LG Optimus 2X is a nice phone, that is quite powerful and good looking. However, it does leave a little to be desired as it doesn’t have the newest operating system in the market – Froyo Android 2.2 and a lack of innovation in areas, most especially the camera area.

Cormac is a guest blogger from Best Mobile Contracts, a UK based mobile phone comparison site.

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