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Apple iPhone 4S Launching In India Soon

November 12, 2011

Many Apple lovers in India must be waiting to try out the new beast from Apple’s cave, i.e. Apple iPhone 4S. So let us tell you that it won’t take long to see Apple iPhone 4S in Indian market through Airtel and Airtel on contract basis. Yes!! that’s right, Airtel and Aircel has recently given a hint in their Facebook page that they will be launching Apple iPhone 4S for Indian users soon, might be at the end of this year, as a Christmas gift.

iPhone 4S in India

People who constantly keep an eye on the Apple’s products and software update must be knowing that iPhone 4S has came over a good series of updated features from its ancestor device iPhone 4, with an over hyped beta AI software named SIRI. I know many you guys must be dying to try SIRI, which is going to the first step to the new world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in coming months.

As expected, Apple iPhone 4S will be priced around 40,000 Rs. for 16GB version and 50,000 to 55,000 Rs. for 64GB version. So be prepare to lose your pocket for this awesome monster from Apple. Although recently people are complaining about the battery problem in iPhone 4S, but this will soon be fixed via an update, according to Apple. So be prepared to try out your hands on iPhone 4S soon.

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