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HTC EVO 3D vs Sensation 4G: Super Phone Comparison

June 16, 2011

This month HTC is releasing 2 super phones. The first is the Sensation 4G on T-Mobile, and the second is the EVO 3D on Sprint. Both devices offer amazing power and performance but which one is the right choice for you? Find out in this detailed point-by-point comparison.

Hardware Design and Specs

HTC has gone out of its way to create two phones that really are on the bleeding edge of mobile tech. Both the Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D feature a blazing fast 1.2 ghz dual core processor and 1 gb of ram. That makes both of these devices run at a native clock speed of .2ghz faster than the Motorla Atrix, the phone touted as the most powerful in the universe just a few months ago. Both phones are also running the latest version of mobile phone supported Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well as HTC’s custom Sense UI. Love it or hate, the unique design that sense provides really is something to behold and this is even more true with Sense 3.0. HTC has added some really cool effects like a 3D rotating carousel for your home screen and an app launching lock screen. The key differences between these two phones are the design and the displays. While both phone feature a 4.3-inch qHD LCD touch screen the EVO 3D is true to it’s name and also features revolutionary glasses free 3D technology the likes of which have never been seen in a smartphone before. On the other hand the Sensation 4G features a stunning unibody aluminum design not unlike something you’d expect from Apple and is a joy to hold and show off.


Both the EVO 3D and Sensation 4G feature a front facing 1.3 mega-pixel camera which is perfect for self portraits and video chat. Around the back, however, is where we start to see a major difference. The Sensation 4G has an 8-mega-pixel rear-facing camera with HTC’s new instant shot technology. Instant shot means that the picture is taken the instant you hit the button rather than their being a brief shutter delay like almost any other camera phone. The EVO 3D on the other hand has dual 5-mega-pixel cameras that allow the phone to take 3D pictures and record 3D videos for play back on 3D TVs or its 3D display. This is where preference comes into play, since the Sensation has a better camera but the EVO utilizes a cool gimmick your not able to see on any other phone yet.

Price, Availability and Final Thoughts

The EVO 3D will be available June 24th for $200 on contract, while the Sensation will be available on the 14th from T-Mobile for the same price. Which of these phones is the better choice is largely a matter of opinion since the specs are so similar its hard to see a clear winner. If the idea of having a 3D phone intrigues you than the EVO 3D is the better choice but if you more concerned with better design and a high quality camera then the Sensation 4G is your winner.

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