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“I Am Rich” Application for iPhone and Android

May 31, 2011

Priced $1,000 (£599), this app made a vast diamond appear on your smartphone. Press an onscreen icon and it displayed the charming message: I am rich I deserve [sic] it. I am good, healthy & successful. That was it. There was, as its maker conceded: no hidden function at all.

Rather than an app I Am Rich was a work of art, the man behind it claimed. We’re not sure about that. It certainly prompted wise heads in the tech press to debate the value and purpose of apps. But claiming it had real merit as art seems like rather a stretch to us.

I Am Rich for iPhoneHowever, looking back it does seem like pretty smart satire on the perceived kudos that owning an iPhone conferred on folk back then. Smart enough to rile Apple, that’s for sure, who pulled I Am Rich from sale the day after it first went on sale. And not long after we saw capped charges for apps introduced.

Working of “I Am Rich” on iPhone

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