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Siri For Android : Iris

October 25, 2011

After the launch of the voice based interactive application over the new smartphones on Android based phones, it has been a new tit bit in this smartphone era. Well if you are jealous of Siri on iPhones then don’t worry Android techs have launched there own voice command application called Iris. She is the clone or you can call the step sister of Siri that is on iOS based smartphones. But yes after used Iris we felt that we don’t need an iPhone to use this lovely application.

Let’s be honest here, Android has always had an emphasis on voice control in its OS but it’s never been as converational as Siri is for the iPhone 4S. Iris, which was amazingly completed in 8 hours by Android dev Narayan Babu and his team at Dexetra, is a heckuva more conversational. It understands the questions you ask by voice and then spits out answers back at you. It’s not always accurate (neither is Siri) but it’s only in alpha and has a pretty good sense of humor about itself. You can have a general conversation with Iris or ask her questions about science, history, culture and more. Iris doesn’t seem to have any math skills but she’s quick on the draw with Wikipedia responses.

We tested few questions on it:

Tactfully Siri answered well but when it was asked for what’s the best cell phone it wasn’t eventual to answer the question and she answered this :

Users should be aware that Iris is still in alpha, and requires “voice search” and “TTS library” to be installed on the phone from Iris to work properly. And yet, still a bit quirky, as expected for an application developed in such a short time, Iris does not work as well as Siri, who is drawing praise in all areas of its functionality surprisingly solid. However, if Iris – or something – can reach up to exclusive iPhone 4S Siri would eliminate one of the main reasons to buy Apple’s new phone, which is faster than the iPhone 4, and has an impressive 8 megapixel camera, but it is surpassed by a number of Android devices with better specs.

Get your Iris copy here. Note that it is in Alpha and Xinz does not take any responsibility for whatever you do to your phone.

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