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Stay Synced With iCloud

June 8, 2011

Finally, Apple has given users a way to sync their purchased music, apps, and books wirelessly. With iCloud, whatever you download on one device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or computer) can be set to automatically download on all other devices.

For example, when you purchase a song from iTunes using your computer, it’ll immediately be downloaded onto your iPad also. Or, if you purchase a book on your iPhone, it’ll be downloaded to your computer and your iPad as well.

More iCloud features, including calendar syncing and Photo Stream, will launch in the fall. Until then, you can use the iCloud beta for free to sync your music, apps, and books. Here’s how:

Note: iCloud syncing is not yet available for Verizon subscribers.

Enable “automatic downloading” on your iOS devices

Decide which devices you’d like to automatically download new songs, apps, and books purchased with your iTunes account.

On your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone: Go to Settings > Store, and select the type of content you want automatically downloaded.

On your computer: Go to iTunes > Preferences > Store, and select the type of content you want automatically downloaded.

Apple iCloudClick the cloud button to download the song, book, or app to your iOS device.

Manage past purchases and view your cloud

With this feature, you can download previously purchased apps, songs, and books to your iOS devices (and your computer) at no extra charge.

On your computer: open iTunes and head to iTunes Store > Purchased (in the left sidebar). Here, you can view all the content you have purchased, redownload items, and view which purchased content is not already on your computer.

On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): you’ll need to manage each type of content (music, apps, and books) in its respective app. No update is needed to access the iCloud feature on your device–Apple has added a new Purchased tab over-the-air to your Apple device.

Books: Go to iBooks > Store > Purchased.

Music: Go to iTunes > Purchased.

Apps: Go to App Store > Updates > Purchased. (Exception: on the iPad you’ll find the new Purchased button in the row at the bottom.)

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